• Air mattress use and maintenance

    Air mattress use and maintenance

    1. After the air bed is purchased, it can be inflated immediately. After the first charge is completed for 8 hours (preferably 12 hours), it can be used because the inner belt and the seam of the air bed need a buffering process; the new bed is used 2 days before. Try not to be full of gas. 2, after... Read More

    01-11-2019 News
  • Introduction to air mattress

    Introduction to air mattress

    First, how is the quality of the air mattress? Will it leak? A: Because pvc is very flexible and flexible, it is the best material for making inflatable products - it can withstand a few tons of cars without any damage. Most inflatable products are sturdy and durable, so you don't have to worry abou... Read More

    26-10-2019 News