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A TPU self-inflating mat is a type of camping or outdoor sleeping mat that is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and has a built-in air valve that allows it to inflate itself. TPU self-inflating mats are generally considered to be more durable and abrasion-resistant than mats made from other materials, such as PVC or nylon. They may also be more expensive than other types of self-inflating mats.

Provides a Comfortable Camping Sleeping Experience Since 1998

Zhejiang Hongfeng Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998 and specializes in R&D and production of outdoor camping sleeping pads: automatic inflatable pads and ultra-light air pads. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts by the team, we have grown into one of the leading production factories in the outdoor camping sleeping pad industry. As China TPU Self-Inflating Mat Manufacturers and Outdoor TPU Self-Inflating Mat Factory, Hongfeng Outdoor currently has a combined footprint of over 70,000 square metres, with the factory occupying 36,000 square metres, equips with 5 production lines more than 20 high frequency welding and heating machines. In terms of social responsibility and standardized production, our factory has the BSCI audit and ISO9001:2015 certification. Our unique advantage is we have our own polyurethane sponge foaming equipment to well control the quality of each piece of foam used in the mat.

We focus on self-inflating mat, TPU ultralight air cell mattress, 3D TPU bonded mat,4WD PVC mat, leisure mat, Top roof tent mat and pillows, cushions laminated by PVC or TPU. Our mats are usually for outdoor camping use. Usually match with tents or sleeping bags. The high density PU foam can keep warm in & insulate moist from the ground, supply you a comfortable sleep experience of camping. Supply Wholesale Outdoor TPU Self-Inflating Mat, sold well in Europe: UK, Germany, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Turkey, etc., and sold well in Asia: Japan, Korea, China, the United States and Australia.

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The Application of TPU Self-Inflating Mat
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) self-inflating mats have various applications and are widely used for outdoor activities. Here are some common applications of TPU self-inflating mats:
Camping: TPU self-inflating mats are extensively used for camping trips. They provide a comfortable and insulated sleeping surface, ensuring a good night's sleep in outdoor environments. The TPU material offers durability and resistance to abrasions, making it suitable for camping on various terrains.
Hiking and Backpacking: TPU self-inflating mats are popular among hikers and backpackers due to their lightweight and compact design. They can be easily carried in a backpack without adding excessive weight or taking up much space. TPU mats provide a comfortable resting spot after a long day of hiking or backpacking.
Mountaineering and Expeditions: TPU self-inflating mats are also used in mountaineering and expedition scenarios where durability and insulation are crucial. They provide a comfortable sleeping surface even in extreme weather conditions and high-altitude environments.
Traveling and Road Trips: TPU self-inflating mats are convenient for travelers and road trippers who want to have a comfortable sleeping arrangement during their journeys. These mats can be easily packed and used in various accommodations, including tents, vans, or even as an extra bed in hotel rooms.
Festivals and Events: TPU self-inflating mats are practical for festivals and events where camping or sleeping arrangements are necessary. They offer a comfortable and portable solution, allowing attendees to rest and sleep comfortably while enjoying the event.
Picnics and Outdoor Relaxation: TPU self-inflating mats can also be used for picnics, outdoor relaxation, or as a comfortable seating option during outdoor gatherings. Their cushioning and insulation properties make them suitable for sitting or lying down on various outdoor surfaces.
Emergency Preparedness: TPU self-inflating mats are included in emergency preparedness kits or survival gear. They provide a comfortable and insulated surface for individuals in emergency situations or during temporary sheltering.
TPU self-inflating mats are designed to provide a combination of comfort, insulation, durability, and portability. They offer a versatile sleeping and resting solution for various outdoor activities and environments. When choosing a TPU self-inflating mat, consider factors such as size, thickness, weight, insulation properties, packability, and the specific needs of your outdoor adventures.
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