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TPU Ultralight air sleeping pad for 4-season backpacking, hiking, camping, travel trips.

Durable Nylon fabric makes the mat comfy, quiet, ultralight and convenient pack.

Insulated fiber mats keeps mat warm during cold season.

High speed valve makes fast inflating and deflating.

TPU mat is more lightweight and friendly-environmental.

Provides a Comfortable Camping Sleeping Experience Since 1998

Zhejiang Hongfeng Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998 and specializes in R&D and production of outdoor camping sleeping pads: automatic inflatable pads and ultra-light air pads. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts by the team, we have grown into one of the leading production factories in the outdoor camping sleeping pad industry. As China Air Sleeping Pad Manufacturers and Outdoor Air Sleeping Pad Factory, Hongfeng Outdoor currently has a combined footprint of over 70,000 square metres, with the factory occupying 36,000 square metres, equips with 5 production lines more than 20 high frequency welding and heating machines. In terms of social responsibility and standardized production, our factory has the BSCI audit and ISO9001:2015 certification. Our unique advantage is we have our own polyurethane sponge foaming equipment to well control the quality of each piece of foam used in the mat.

We focus on self-inflating mat, TPU ultralight air cell mattress, 3D TPU bonded mat,4WD PVC mat, leisure mat, Top roof tent mat and pillows, cushions laminated by PVC or TPU. Our mats are usually for outdoor camping use. Usually match with tents or sleeping bags. The high density PU foam can keep warm in & insulate moist from the ground, supply you a comfortable sleep experience of camping. Supply Wholesale Outdoor Air Sleeping Pad, sold well in Europe: UK, Germany, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Turkey, etc., and sold well in Asia: Japan, Korea, China, the United States and Australia.

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Industry Knowledges

The working principle of Air Sleeping Pad
The working principle of an air sleeping pad, also known as an inflatable sleeping pad or air mattress, is based on the inflation and deflation of air chambers within the pad. Here's a breakdown of the working principle:
Air Chambers: An air sleeping pad consists of one or multiple air chambers. These chambers are compartments within the pad that are designed to hold and distribute air.
Inflation: To inflate the sleeping pad, you typically use an air pump, either manual or electric. The air pump is connected to a valve on the pad, allowing air to be pumped into the chambers. When the pump is activated, air is forced into the chambers, causing them to expand and inflate.
Air Valve: The air valve on the sleeping pad is responsible for allowing air to enter and exit the chambers. It features a one-way mechanism that allows air to flow in during inflation but prevents it from escaping during normal use. This ensures that the pad remains inflated throughout the night.
Adjustment and Firmness: Most air sleeping pads have adjustable firmness levels. This is achieved by controlling the amount of air inside the chambers. By adding or releasing air, you can adjust the firmness of the pad to your preference, providing a customized level of comfort and support.
Support and Insulation: Once inflated, the air chambers provide support and insulation. The pad cushions your body against the hard ground, creating a comfortable sleeping surface. The air inside the chambers also acts as an insulating layer, helping to prevent heat loss to the ground and keeping you warmer during colder temperatures.
Deflation: When it's time to pack up or store the sleeping pad, you need to deflate it. This is typically done by opening the air valve and allowing the air to escape. Depending on the design, you may need to manually compress the chambers to force the air out. Once deflated, the pad can be rolled or folded for compact storage and transportation.
It's important to note that the specific working principle may vary slightly depending on the design and brand of the air sleeping pad. Some pads may incorporate additional features such as foam layers, baffles, or specialized inflation systems. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper inflation, deflation, and maintenance of your specific air sleeping pad.
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