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Outdoor camping safety first

Written byAdventor

Camping is the main way of camping for outdoor activities. It can deeply explore nature and relieve physical and mental stress. However, to start a camping trip, you must not only make adequate preparations, but also learn the necessary emergency skills to make the camping trip more at ease and comfortable.

Before departure, camping equipment must be prepared. You can consult the camp staff in advance to ensure the comfort and safety of camping in the wild. Equipment includes tents, floor cloths, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, special cookers, lighting supplies, kettles, communication tools and other essential items. Some emergency supplies can not be ignored, including standing medicines such as cold medicine, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs, gastrointestinal medicines, as well as emergency medicines such as wound dampness analgesics, bandages, gauze, cotton wool, analgesic sprays, etc. Snake medicine and other insect repellent snake medicine. In addition, you can also bring emergency food such as compressed biscuits, chocolate, beef jerky, raisins, etc. in case you need it.

Choosing the right weather and place to camp is also important. When starting a camping tour, try to avoid rainy days or seasons with uncertain weather. In the choice of location, it is necessary to survey the terrain in advance to avoid rolling rocks, rolling wood and weathered rock scattered areas, and it is relatively safe to camp in low altitudes; do not set up camps on river beaches, river beds, creeks and valleys to prevent sudden floods Washed away.

In addition, camping tours are mostly carried out in places with better ecology, and it is inevitable that small animals will “visit”. Therefore, when setting up a camp, you must also carefully observe whether there are animal footprints, feces, and nests around the camp. Do not build in a snake-and-rat-rich area. You can sprinkle some plant ash around the camp to effectively prevent snakes, scorpions, and poisonous insects.