Why do I need a sleeping pad?


In the cold field overnight, especially when camping in […]

In the cold field overnight, especially when camping in high-altitude mountainous areas, sleeping bags are not enough to keep warm. Carrying a suitable sleeping pad can effectively isolate the cold and biting moisture on the ground; on rough ground, laying a sleeping pad can also be more comfortable. .

Why do I need a sleeping pad?

First of all, we must establish an important concept with everyone. In the sleep system of mountaineering, the equipment that affects the thermal efficiency is not only sleeping bags, but also clothing, sleeping pads, tents, etc. factors. When many friends first started to climb mountains, they thought that with a powerful sleeping bag, they would be able to spend the cold nights safely, and often ignored the importance of other thermal equipment! Sleeping mats in particular, you may be camping in the mountains with only a thin aluminum foil mat, or a yoga mat, and it will be so cold that it collapses! Do you have the same experience?

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The main function of the camping mats sleeping pad

Comfort: Outdoor rough ground, hard wooden bed, etc.

Insulation: The human body will continuously lose heat energy through radiation, convection and conduction. Lying on the ground will be cold because our body and the ground have generated heat conduction.