Which is better outdoor moisture-proof cushion or inflatable cushion?


Both outdoor moisture-proof cushions and inflatable cus […]

Both outdoor moisture-proof cushions and inflatable cushions are essential items for outdoor travel. The two products look similar, but there are still big differences. Consumers are often confused when buying. So which is better outdoor moisture-proof cushion or inflatable cushion?

1. Material

The inflatable cushion has a strong pressure capacity, so the material of the general inflatable cushion is made of polymer flocking pvc and solid thermal carbon polymer pvc. This type of material is not only light in weight, but also has a good anti-wear effect. There are many kinds of materials for moisture-proof pads, such as EVA foam, auto-inflating polyester material, pvc material, and so on. In contrast, the materials of the two types of products are similar.

2. Function

From the point of view of function, the main function of the moisture-proof pad is moisture-proof, and secondly, it also has the function of anti-corrosion and warmth. The function of the inflatable cushion is the pursuit of comfortable sleep when people live in the wild. So whether outdoor moisture-proof cushion or inflatable cushion is easy to use depends on our specific application occasions.

3. Use

Moisture-proof cushions are more convenient to use and store, but inflatable cushions are more troublesome whether they are used or stored.

4. Storage

From the storage point of view, when the moisture-proof pad is stored, you only need to roll it up and pack it into a bag. The inflatable cushion should be deflated when it is stored, and then it can be stored after being rolled several times.

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