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What is the price difference of self inflating mats cushions?

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Taking the self inflating mats, its price difference relates to foam, fabric, air nozzle, glue material, glue technology, waterproof treatment, auxiliary accessories and after-sales service:
Foam is the core of self-inflating cushions. Whether a cushion inflates quickly and whether it is comfortable to fall asleep depends on it. Usually, in the mat factory, the quality of foam is distinguished by gram weight, that is to say how much the weight of each cubic meter of foam. Generally, self-inflating cushions use 16, 18, 21, and 23 weights. The lighter the weight, the worse the inflation effect and comfort. But conversely speaking, if the weight is too large, it will have an impact on your own weight. In addition, even the same weight of foam will have different effects, one is manual control, the other is pure machine micro-control, the stability of the produced foam is much worse. Finally, foam will also involve an open porosity. You only need to know that an open porosity of about 80% is a very high value. There is no 100% open porosity.

As for the fabric, the self-inflating cushions for outdoor use basically use polyester and nylon. There are two types of gluing technology: PVC and TPU, and PVC is divided into two ways: glue-shake and dotting. The disadvantages of PVC air cushions are large weight, large volume, hard feel, environmentally friendly, poor self-charging performance, short service life, and the advantage is low price. The disadvantage of TPU is its high price, but it is better than PVC cushion in other aspects. In addition, there is a process in which PU fabrics are made using fixed points. The fabric and foam are not bonded together. The effect is worse, but the price is cheaper.

Air nozzles. Most cheap air cushions use PVC plastic air nozzles. The disadvantage is obvious, that is, they are easily affected when the ambient temperature changes. A good gas nozzle should use copper material, which is the least affected by temperature. Although the weight is relatively large, it is worth the gain and loss. In order to keep the air cushion from being too cold in winter, it is better to have a plastic collar on the copper valve. There is another technology, that is, whether the gas nozzle can be replaced is also very important. Imagine if it is not worthwhile to have to replace the entire air cushion because the air nozzle is broken, and a good self-inflating cushion can be replaced by the air nozzle to avoid this problem.

Waterproof treatment, the surface is treated with water repellent function to prevent the air cushion from getting wet quickly and maintain a good dry environment.

Auxiliary accessories usually include repair glue and repair fabrics. In addition, a few brands that can replace the air nozzle can also be equipped with the air nozzle.

After-sales service, I don’t think I need to talk about it. Good brand after-sales service must be done well. Although the price is expensive, the after-sales service includes the cost. Chinese people still do not realize this. In fact, although the unit price of a good after-sales service is higher, the overall price-performance ratio is much better than that of cheap goods without after-sales service.