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High elastic sponge function: Moisture-proof pad is ver […]

High elastic sponge function: Moisture-proof pad is very important when camping in the wild. It mainly has the following three functions: 1. Anti-puff. Because it is difficult to find a flat place when camping in the wild, you will feel uncomfortable when sleeping. Comfortable, with a moisture-proof pad, the situation is much better. Second, keep warm. Since the body is generally in direct contact with the ground when camping in the wild (only the heat insulation effect of the tent bottom is minimal), if there is a layer of moisture-proof pad between the body and the ground, the thermal insulation effect will be much. Three, moisture-proof. When camping in the wild, the ground is generally very damp at night. Since the moisture-proof pad is waterproof, it can play the role of moisture-proof. The principle of heat preservation is the same as the working principle of the filling material in sleeping bags and clothing. She isolates a layer of dead air (Dead Air) between the body and the ground, and uses the heat of the body to SEAT CUSHION Manufacturers gradually increase the temperature of this layer of "dead air", making it a barrier for heat exchange between the body and the ground , so as to exert the effect of heat preservation and moisture resistance. The performance of a moisture-proof mat depends on how much "dead air" it can hold and its ability to prevent air convection. Quality standard moistureproof mats have 3 core functions: comfort, warmth, and moisture resistance. Comfort is to let you have a layer of soft sleeping pads in the wild in the uneven mountains; warmth is to isolate the human body from the cold ground, reduce the heat loss of the human body, and prevent the intrusion of cold air from the ground; moisture-proof is to isolate the ground moisture. In addition, the mat can also be used as a leisure mat, picnic mat and other uses. The definition of warmth is: the closed cell foam sleeping mat has an R value (resistance value of heat transfer) of 2 per half inch (winter load standard), and the weight About a pound. Open Cell Foam Sleeping Pad with Nylon Cover has an R value of 4 per 1/2 inch and weighs 2 1/4 pounds. As for the price, closed-cell foam sleeping pads are about one-third to one-quarter the price of open-cell foam sleeping pads.

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: HF

By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump, Other

Dampproof Mat Type: Automatic Inflatable

Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Camping Mat Material: polyester coated PVC

Product Name: camping inflatable sleeping pad

HF-T001 fully bonded camping mat, camping inflatable sleeping pad Details

fully bonded camping mat 
Item no.: HF-T001
Size:  195x80x10cm
Fabric: Stretch knitted polyester TPU
Inner core: PU foam