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What is the difference between a moisture-proof mat and a floor mat

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The difference between moisture-proof mat and floor mat

   First, the material is different:

The moisture-proof pad is made of polyurethane foam, which has small sponge-like holes and is lighter in weight. Now there are many improvements in the process, such as the bottom layer with wear-resistant layer, embossing, color matching, etc. The mat consists of three layers Structure composition: The upper layer is made of aluminum film, which is mainly used for moisture-proof and beautiful appearance; the middle layer is made of high-density polyethylene foam, which is thicker than the upper and lower layers, and has the function of shock absorption. The lower layer is a PVC film, which is mainly used for moisture-proof.


   Functionally: the moisture-proof pad is relatively thick, generally about 1 cm, some special processing thickness is close to 2 cm, sleeping more comfortable. The volume is slightly larger than the floor mat.

Floor mat: relatively thin, larger in area, small in size, (the size of 1.5x1.9 meters is only as large as a 1cm moisture-proof pad), the thickness is about 0.5 cm, the moisture resistance is good, and the weight is lighter ,Easy to carry.

   In addition, the price of moisture-proof mats is relatively cheap, while the price of floor mats is higher, about twice that of moisture-proof mats.