What is essential camping gear?


Depending on your level of minimalism there could be lo […]

Depending on your level of minimalism there could be lots of answers here. My main concern is that I can sleep comfortably so you want a sleeping system that is both comfortable and warm. When I'm not backpacking I use a very good quality camping cot, a foam pad, and two cheap synthetic fill sleeping bags. I use my clothes in a stuff sack as a pillow. Next question is how well do you want to eat and do you want to cook over a fire? Cooking over a fire is a little complicated and usually requires some experience to get a good result. You will need some way to suspend a very heavy iron pot above the flames or spend a lot of time constructing a fire enclosure that allows you to set the pot on a rock far enough from the flames so the food doesn't burn. But the main thing is to figure out a way to get a good night's sleep.

Tents and shelter

If you are making a temporary homestead, setting up camp is number one. Most people who want to invest and pioneer a camping lifestyle, already have tents, or the no-how to live outdoors. However, you could do something non-conventional like set up an outdoor shelter using wood, and prepare for a fire pit.

Hunting & Cooking in the woods -

Easiest hunting is probably fishing, however there is also game out there. Most states require hunting licenses even for fishing these days, so make sure you have the type of permit that you need.

Also, when it comes to cooking, make sure you’re able to set up a camp fire and make it easy for yourself to cook.

You can potentially use portable solar solutions to plug in an electric cooker, but be careful.

Make sure to bring survival gear with you

Blankets, cooking gear, dried foods, hunting equipment and analogues tools to find your way around like maps and compasses are good when there is no phone GPS.