What equipment should be brought for camping in the wild


What kind of equipment you need to bring for camping in […]

What kind of equipment you need to bring for camping in the wild is actually difficult to generalize. Whether you are traveling alone or in a team, you plan to camp for a few days, where, and the environment will affect the equipment you need to bring. Here is a Camping list for everyone, choose according to the actual situation:

Itinerary Keep a copy at home and let your family know where you are

Must bring:
Backpacks, backpack covers, tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, sleeping bags;

Toiletries: (optional)
Towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, mirror, folding water cup, 2 kettles (1 ordinary, 1 water purifier kettle, filter element);

Footwear: (optional)
Hiking shoes or trekking shoes, spare shoes: upstream shoes (depending on the situation), slippers: alternative shoes can also be substituted, N pairs of socks;

Clothes: (optional)
Change of underwear (depending on the number of days), 1 set of quick-drying clothes, raincoat (depending on the weather), fleece (depending on the weather), 2 pairs of hats and gloves (1 and a half fingers, 2 full fingers.) Headscarves, umbrellas (may be selected),

Stoves: (optional)
Pot (see whether the group should bring it), pot set, personal spoon, chopsticks, toothpicks, lighter, candles (optional), moisture-proof matches, gas tank, stove, windshield, salt, detergent, collective meal Spoons, soup spoons (optional), napkins (small bags, pumping paper), folding basins;

Safety equipment: (optional)
17M rope 1 (see need), 7M rope 2 (see need), clothes line 8M (see need), quick hang (see need), safety bust (see need), knee pad (see need)

Knives and tools (optional)
Half tooth, full blade, saber, multi-function knife, mountain knife (depending on the situation), multi-function pliers with flashlight, multi-function scissors;

Other: (the following small items are carried according to personal needs)
Map, waterproof bag, compass, whistle, camp light, headlight, flashlight, spare battery, match or lighter, camera, camera battery, waterproof bag, auxiliary rope, sewing kit, pin, quick-hanging buckle, tea (ice refreshing tea) or Coffee, toilet paper, watches, mobile phones, portable folding stools, garbage bags, notebooks, pens, personal documents, lime or cigarettes (sprinkled outside the tent to prevent insects) are scattered around the tent, which can effectively prevent centipede snakes. Dry and wet tissues (girls’ favorite, but boys should also prepare some), trekking poles, sunscreen, engineering shovel, etc.

Take care to cut your toenails before going.

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