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What do I need to prepare for outdoor camping?

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What do I need to prepare for outdoor camping? VISIT Zhejiang Hongfeng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.:

Tents are one of the essential items, and there are many varieties on the market. Tents are generally divided into three quarters, four seasons, and mountain tents. According to the number of users, they can be divided into single, double, three, and multiple tents. Generally, outdoor stores generally sell three-season double tents, that is, camping tents that can be used in spring, summer and autumn. The structure is divided into double-layer and single-layer tents. The double-layer tent is rainproof and the inner tent is breathable. It is not necessary in summer. External accounts, so double-layer accounts are becoming more and more common. Multi-person accounts are less common and can be used in winter, but they are also heavier and more expensive. When climbing mountains, especially snow-capped mountains, use alpine tents, which are ventilated, warm, breathable and very strong, and can resist 12 gales. However, general tourist tents are not suitable for high mountain areas. When purchasing, you should consider your actual needs. Pay attention to fire prevention and scratching of sharp objects during use. After use, you should dry it. Multi-person tents are generally more exquisite in materials, with relatively sound functions, strong wind resistance, large space and good experience.

sleeping bag
No matter when, sleeping bag is one of the most basic equipment for outdoor camping, and its function can be said to be irreplaceable. When choosing, you should consider the weather conditions, the user's physical fitness, etc., and choose different sleeping bags according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, sleeping bags should be light and warm, easy to compress and easy to carry. From the inner filler (insulation layer), it can be roughly divided into down and artificial cotton. There are mainly mummy style and envelope style from the appearance.
Camping lights
Camping lights are one of the essential supplies for camping, that is, outdoor lighting tools. Choose flashlights, camp lights and headlights. It depends on the situation when purchasing, but the volume and weight should be paid attention to. The flashlight is flexible to use, but it takes up one hand, while the headlight can free up both hands and the illuminated area moves with the line of sight. If you are out for a long time, you should consider bringing spare bulbs and batteries. At present, most camping lights can meet the requirements of outdoor camping. At the same time, we definitely hope to have a beautiful-looking outdoor camping light that can have a better experience and atmosphere when used in camping.
Outdoor special pots/pot cookware
This is a must-have for outdoors. It is a source of energy. Only when you are full, you will have strength. Outdoor special outdoor boilers, pots and cookers are convenient to use, simple to store, and easy to clean. If you want to buy, I still recommend buying online. Of course, there is another one. Travellers like more primitive cooking methods when they are outside. It is better to prepare a cast iron pot and use the most primitive firewood for cooking, so that the cooked meals are authentic and taste very delicious.
insulated bag
Although the insulation bag is not a must-have product, if you have an insulation bag, store food, and keep fresh ingredients and food, it is a rare thing to ask for outdoors. Camping is for better enjoyment, why not be happy To the end
One of the essential items for survival in the wild, there is a lighter, flint or windproof matches. Lighters are not as easy to use as windproof matches in high-altitude areas; waterproof matches work stably, but the number is limited; flints can be reused tens of thousands of times. Any piece of flint can be used to ignite sparks to provide fire, even in bad weather Under the conditions, the rain has been soaked, just wipe it dry.
Essential medicines
Cold medicine: such as Ganmaoqing, Niuhuang Jiedu tablets, black and white, Banlan root tablets, etc.
Anti-fever, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics: such as acetylspiramycin, APC, heat-clearing and anti-inflammatory capsules, Baiyanjing, Kesensing
Gastrointestinal medicine: Baoji pills, norfloxacin, berberine, belladonna tablets
Five senses medicine: oxytetracycline eye ointment, erythromycin eye ointment, anti-cracking lipstick (Vaseline)
External medicine: baiyao tincture, baiyao, green ointment, dampness analgesic ointment, bandage, gauze, cotton wool
Anti-insect and snake medicine: wind oil essence, cooling oil, snake medicine
Emergency medicine: pain spray
Needless to say the importance of the tool. Generally, you should bring two knives, a large knife (such as a dagger) and a pocket knife (which can be multi-purpose). Attention should be paid during use: one is to put the knife in the handle immediately when not in use; the other is the order of closing the knife, first closing the knife and then other tools, opening the main knife last when opening multiple tools; third, not playing with the knife; fourth Pay attention to maintenance, always use lubricating oil, and clean the dirt in the handle.
Water ware
Water tools should consider weight, volume, and firmness. Generally, there are all-stainless steel insulated kettles, dual-purpose kettles for military use (with a kettle inside and a container for boiling water outside), glass steel drinking water bottles (space cups), ordinary glass kettles, plastic kettles, space cups, sheepskin kettles, etc.
Emergency food
To prevent some unexpected situations, you should bring some emergency food. Emergency food should be small and refined. And high-calorie foods, such as beef jerky, chocolate, compressed biscuits, etc.
Emergency items
There are also some small items, such as mobile phones (two electric boards are best, and don’t use them lightly); compass (which can help you identify the direction); survival whistle; plastic cloth (can replace rain gear, dig a hole in the ground and put plastic cloth on the ground. When a washbasin); ID card; trash bag (don’t leave rubbish); map (needed in unfamiliar places); survival whistle; pockets (a small bag that does not leave the body for 24 hours, some important documents, cash, knives, emergency medicines, etc.) Can be placed inside); string, thin wire (for emergency); tableware; washing utensils, etc.
Mountaineering backpack
Finally, a backpack is needed to pack these items. When selecting, note that the outer materials should be made of dense, waterproof, wear-resistant, flame-resistant, and tear-resistant materials, mostly man-made fibers (Kodra) and high-density Oxford nylon cloth (Hi- density Nylon Oxford); straps, waist belts and back cushions should be wide and thick, and the back cushions have perspiration ventilation slots. The volume is about 50 liters, and there are at least 2 to 3 side bags or top cover bags. Men can choose a backpack of more than 50 liters, and women can choose a backpack of about 40 liters.
hiking shoes
Suitable footwear is required. Ordinary sports rubber shoes, travel shoes, hiking shoes can be used. Pay attention to the following points when choosing:
Shoe fabrics: leather, canvas, and synthetic fabrics. Leather fabrics have better properties such as warmth, moisture resistance, ventilation, and foot protection, but they are heavier. At present, some synthetic fabrics also have the properties of leather and are light in weight.
Sole material: The outsole usually uses a better hard rubber sole, and the inner sole is made of foam material and elastic rubber. The grooves of the soles are also very particular, the role is to increase the friction of the shoes.
Upper: High-top has two functions, one is to protect the ankle; the other is to prevent foreign bodies from entering the shoe. But flexibility is not as good as low help.

Outdoor camping must be prepared with outdoor supplies, do not affect the mood and the mood of outdoor camping because of some small items.
Outdoor camping should not easily challenge the extreme environment. Choose according to your own situation and pay attention to personal safety.