What are the problems with the use of inflatable beds


The advantages of self inflating sleeping pads far outw […]

The advantages of self inflating sleeping pads far outweigh their disadvantages, and they have become popular and popular today. Advantages: Excellent quality, safe to use; Folded as big as a pillow, it is very easy to carry and move, no need to move a house and throw away a mattress; when a guest comes, take it out of the drawer and inflate it. There is a comfortable bed, and the guests will tidy up when they leave; if your house is not spacious, you can also stand up against the wall during the day to free up more space for your activities; the inflatable bed will not follow the spring Just like a bed, bacteria grow in it. If you sleep on the bottom for a long time, it will sink and will not bounce up. The inflatable bed will always be elastic and not deformed...
What is the difference between the honeycomb (column) structure and the drawstring (I-shaped) structure?
The cellular type is more advanced and more comfortable than the drawstring type. The technical content is higher.
Air mattress
Can an air mattress be cleaned?
Yes, the bottom and sides without suede can be easily wiped off with a cloth dampened with soapy water; if the suede is soiled, it needs to be washed thoroughly with soapy water and allowed to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer. When blowing suede, do not use a washing machine to clean the air bed, and do not use chemical agents such as thinner, washing powder or any other abrasive powder.
Will the inflatable cushion be very tiring? How do I know if the inflation is full?
The electric air pump can be filled in 50-150 seconds (for mattresses and large beds, it usually takes about 2 minutes). Products with no built-in electric pump need to purchase a pedal air pump or an electric air pump separately. Folded clothes will show signs of folding. The same goes for inflatable beds. There will also be signs of folding. When you pump up the air, the signs of folding will gradually disappear. When the folding marks disappear completely, it means that the bed is fully inflated. This process usually takes 1 to 2 minutes. The inflatable bed will not explode, because when it is full, the air pressure in the inflatable bed will be greater than that of the pump, so the gas can't get in, so the bed will not explode. Theoretically, the more full your qi is, the greater the impact on your lifespan. I suggest you: Lie down on your own and feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable when you are not full, then it's fine; on the contrary, If you feel comfortable hitting a little bit, you hit a little bit more.
After I was full of air, I felt a little soft the next day. Is it normal?
Because the inflatable pump generates heat when it is rotating, the injected gas is hot, and the volume of the gas after cold shrinkage will become smaller. In addition, the inflatable bed is made of pvc material, which has strong flexibility and elasticity. After a period of time, there will be some expansion and increase in volume. The gas shrinks, but the volume of the gas bed becomes larger---so you will feel a little soft, just add some gas.
If there is more air leakage, please check whether the lid is closed. The cover is divided into three layers:
The first layer, the largest layer of lid, has white inward arrows on both sides. This layer of cover is used for deflation. After you hear two clicks on the left and right sides, it means that it is locked
On the second floor, there are two signs for locks, one for unlocking and the other for closing locks. Follow the direction of the arrow and turn it to the locked position;
The third layer, the top layer, is used for inflation. It is pulled out through a short pull strap, and press it in with your female finger, making sure to press it to the end.