What are the features of camping mats?


camping equipment Camping mats, also known as grass mat […]

camping equipment
Camping mats, also known as grass mats, outdoor picnic mats, beach mats, moisture-proof mats, tent bottom mats, etc. Mainly used in the suburbs, garden grass. Soft and easy to carry, it can take care of the grass, let them thrive and add greenery to the earth, and its stylish blend of nature's colors can also add a lot of fun to camping.

Camping mat features:
1 Maintain the space environment. There are various grass clippings on the outdoor grass. Sitting directly on it, these grass clippings will stick to the whole body. Putting the items you carry with you directly on the grass will easily get dirty and affect your mood. A camping mat will block these.
2 camping mats to protect the grass. The mesh structure of the camping mat gives it excellent breathability. On the grass with a width of several square meters, the range of people's activities is relatively small, so it is easy to air mattress manufacturers trample on the growing grass, and a camping mat can play a protective role.
3 Easy to carry and organize. Spread all kinds of delicacies on the camping mat. After camping, it is simple and convenient to clean up these "endgames", and there is no need to look for damaged vegetation or the natural environment on the grass.
4 It is made of high-temperature foaming of high-grade fabric and non-toxic PVC material, with high resilience, moisture-proof, cool-proof, heat-insulating, comfortable and beautiful. When photographers are shooting outside or the family is out on the green, it is necessary to lay on the lawn or the beach to rest, eat and go out.
5 is also suitable for cold and humid environments. It can be placed outdoors (on the grass in the park, on the brick floor, on the beach by the sea, etc.) for family picnics and fishing. It is super large without seams and heat preservation.

With the progress of society, more and more people are involved in outdoor sports and have close contact with nature. Camping mats have become one of the necessary tools. A good camping mat, moisture-proof and temperature-proof, can be convenient for people to have picnics or other outdoor activities.
Caitian picnic mats - one fold and one stack, easy to carry; one wipe, easy to clean
Colorful picnic mats with exquisite delicacies, look delicious!
New camping mat structure:
structure map
Surface: OPP color film, using inner printing technology, the ink is located on the inner surface of the film, there is no need to worry about the baby's contact, and the surface adopts a non-slip design with pits, which is safer and more reliable.
Middle: EPE foam, a food-grade material widely used in fruit packaging, non-toxic and tasteless.
Lower layer: EPE aluminized film is specially used, which can not only have a good thermal insulation and moisture-proof effect, but also increase the firmness of the aluminum film.
New Camping Mat Features:
1. Colorful and pleasing to the eye. Different from the monotonous picnic mats, the new picnic mats can enrich people's senses while picnicking or exercising outdoors, allowing people to appreciate every beauty in life.
2. Easy to carry. The ultra-light weight and portable design are convenient for people to carry and do not increase the weight of people when they go out.
3. Easy to clean. Gently wipe, clean, free from the trouble of cleaning.
New Camping Mat Features:
1. Moisture-proof and temperature-proof, it can be used outdoors to meet the requirements of people who need to rest anytime, anywhere.
2. Exquisite patterns can increase people's appetite during a picnic.
3. Even at home, it has various functions such as sports mats.