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The magical effect of floor mats

Written byAdventor

The floor mat is made of waterproof fabric and has been water-repelled by multiple polyurethane resins. Because of its small size, wide range of uses, and excellent durability and water resistance, it has become an indispensable important equipment in outdoor activities, and its specific usage has its own unique tricks.

1) The climbing bag is scratch-resistant. During the journey of several days, there are often vehicles to complete the effective transfer between the effective points. Due to the large size of the bag, it is often forced to be in the trunk and drag. Bucket, even the roof. If it's just dirty, it doesn't matter. However, it is even worse when the hiking bag is worn out, broken randomly, and accessories are damaged.... Then today's happy travel will be like a stalk in the throat. At this time, you can wrap the mat outside the mountaineering bag, and pass the string through the small holes around it to form a large pocket, which can produce effective protection

2) Waterproof with more equipment when wading. What we are talking about does not refer to the rain from top to bottom. The hiking bag is enough to deal with this situation, but refers to the situation that the entire system is immersed in the water. Pack the equipment in the middle part of the mat, and wrap the tarpaulin on both sides, and roll it more than three times. It is better to make both ends firmly. Using a standard 200*140 mat can produce a waterproof bag equivalent to 40 liters. The straps on both sides are available. Plug-in belt substitute.

3) The puncture-proof passage is established in the prickly section. When walking among the primitive mountains, there are often dangerous areas formed by thorny objects, commonly known as mine belts. At this time, you can wrap the waterproof cloth around your body. With the protection of more than two layers in the shape of a head, this method is particularly effective for traversing the mountains and forests in eastern Zhejiang. You can also connect several mats to form a puncture-proof channel.

4) Prevent sudden rainstorms.

5) In most cases, the floor mats are stacked under the tent to prevent the moisture from rising. It can also be used as a cushion in a villa meal. As for outdoor veterans, they will reorganize the backpack and spread all the equipment on the ground. You must not do it. With it, you won't be so back.