The layout of the camp


The layout of the camp is determined by the selected te […]

The layout of the camp is determined by the selected terrain, climatic conditions, camp size and personal preferences, but there are also some rules for safety and comfort.

1. Dining and entertainment area with fire:

Dining and fire are generally in the same or similar place. This area must be at a certain distance from the tent area, and it must be built in the issuing party of the tent area to burn the tent with a fire star. The place for cooking is best to have ridges and stone ridges, so as to dig a stove to build a stove. (Caution: some stones are heated back to cause an explosion, so be careful) The picked up firewood should be stacked outside the area or upwind. Camp lanterns should be placed where they can illuminate a large area, such as hanging them from a tree, placing them on a stone platform, or making a light stand to hang them up. Make it a habit to prepare a bucket of water or sand on the side of the fire pond at any time, so that the fire can be extinguished at any time. After the meal is cleaned up, it can be used as a public entertainment area for the accountants.

2. Water intake area:

Water and water intake are generally at the source of water. Washing water and edible water should be separated. If it is running water, the edible water should be upstream, and the living water should be downstream. In the case of lake water, the same place must be separated, and the distance between the two water sources should be more than 10 meters. This division is based on hygiene needs. In addition, there are many rocks, shrubs and other objects in the river beach area where the water is taken.

3. Sanitary area:

The sanitary area is a convenient place for the team members to relieve their hands. If you just stay for one night, you don't need to dig and build a pit, you can designate a convenient place for men and women. I generally stipulate that if it is convenient to leave the camp at night, it is fine to leave the alarm area. If the number of team members is large or the stay is more than two days, then pits should be dug and temporary toilets should be built in densely wooded areas. Pull the curtain. Even more attention should be paid not to build in places where pedestrians often pass by. If a sanitary area has been built, everyone should urinate and defecate in the constructed sanitary area instead of being filled with excretion in the mountains, which would be a waste to the scenery. Note: Before the revenue continues to travel, remember to bury the excavated pit with excrement in soil, and press the stepping stone on it.

Camp life must be disciplined and organized. Here are just a few points:

1. It is strictly forbidden to act alone. At least inform your partner, what are you going to do;

2. It is strictly forbidden to use fire at will;

3. All illegal and criminal acts are strictly prohibited;

4. After the rest time at night, do not pull your partner’s tent, so as not to frighten your partner or be accidentally injured by your partner;

5. If necessary, you should take turns on duty at night to prevent attacks;

6. Take your dagger with you.