The advantages and disadvantages of air mattresses


How about an inflatable mattress for long-term sleep? T […]

How about an inflatable mattress for long-term sleep? The advantages of an inflatable mattress:

1. The inflatable mattress is folded as big as a pillow, and it is very easy to carry and store. You can fold it in the locker when you don't use it, and you can use it directly if you need to take it out and fill it with air. In addition, the air mattress will not grow bacteria in it like a box spring, and there will be no deformation of the box spring.

2. People who have never touched an inflatable mattress generally imagine that an inflatable mattress is very soft and soft, just like sleeping on cotton. This is not the case. The inflatable mattress is only slightly softer than a spring bed after being fully inflated. A little bit, it is very comfortable to sleep, and it feels like sleeping on a box-spring bed.

3. Because pvc material is very flexible and elastic, it is the best material for inflatable products. Generally, it can withstand the pressure of several tons of cars without damage. Most air mattresses are strong and durable.

How about inflatable mattresses-disadvantages of inflatable mattresses:

1. Disadvantages are mainly manifested in the troublesome use of the air mattress. The air mattress needs to be inflated before use. It is best to use it after 12 hours for the first inflation. Let the inner belt and seam of the air bed undergo a buffering process to inflate. Use the mattress 2 days before, try not to get enough air. The inflation saturation is adjusted appropriately according to the actual number of users and the temperature. The air mattress is made of pvc material, which has very poor air permeability and may suffer from rheumatism, which is extremely harmful to children and the elderly. It is best to lay a layer of cotton during use, which will not only benefit your health, but also improve comfort.

2. The child is in the stage of physical growth and development, and the use of air mattresses has an extremely adverse effect on the growth and development of children's bones. At the same time, air mattresses are easily affected by temperature during use, causing problems such as flat or softening. In general, air mattresses are fine for young people to sleep for a short period of time, but they should not be used for a long time. Children and the elderly suggest that air mattresses should not be used. End of the World user feedback: That thing was slowly venting, falling asleep all night, back pain, um, tired.