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Some suggestions for wild camping

Written byAdventor

Camping is actually very simple, setting up tents, laying sleeping bags, and going to bed after dinner. Then in the morning, the tent was withdrawn and left without leaving any traces. As long as you get used to it, this series of processes can be completed as smoothly as your daily life. However, in order to be able to enjoy a comfortable and safe camping, there are several things that must be done and suggested to be paid attention to.

Among them, it seems that places where utensils will be used, try to finish it before it is dark. Because even after using flashlight lighting, the range is limited. In addition, the dim sky can easily cause loss, damage, or injury. In addition, the problems of coldness and humidity are often encountered in the mountains, and it is also necessary to use the blessing sun from nature to solve it. When sleeping in a tent that is not used to, or when the weather changes, as long as you are fully prepared, you won't be in a hurry.
1. Put away your luggage and start a tent
For novices, just setting up a tent will take considerable time. After arriving at the camping area, first go to the counter to register, and then start to do it when you are done. Not only open the tent, but also securely fix the camp nails and camp rope. To avoid being blown away by the wind, you can put the backpack in the tent and press it. When choosing a camping location, although the scenery is also important, it is also necessary to consider the route to the toilet or water source, and the direction of rainwater flow when it rains. In addition, we must strictly abide by the regulations and set up tents at designated locations.
2. Dry the wet clothes
Unlike a mountain hut, there is no coal stove or boiler room in the tent. Even if the wet clothes are hung in the tent all night, it may not be completely dry due to cold or dew. So after arriving at the camping area, before the sun has set, change your clothes to dry. You can use the rope to hang through the clothes to avoid being blown away by the wind. In addition, after night, dew or moisture will start to be produced, so you should put it away as soon as possible.