Sleeping pads can be roughly divided into three types


There are hundreds of styles of sleeping pads, how to c […]

There are hundreds of styles of sleeping pads, how to choose the right one? Sleeping pads can be roughly divided into three types to discuss:

Automatic inflatable sleeping pad

There are two types of sleeping pads that contain open-cell foam:

1. Self-inflating sleeping pad suitable for camping

Thicker for better comfort.

Recommended: Baiyue 3D double automatic inflatable sleeping pad.

2. Automatic inflatable sleeping pad suitable for mountaineering

Mountaineering can use thinner and smaller storage volume.

Thinner thickness and lighter weight.

The storage volume is small and easy to carry.

The overall width is also relatively narrow.

HF-A315 2 person outdoor camping matHF-M004 suede inflatable mats for tentHF-A361 Mummy self inflating pad

Inflatable sleeping pad

As the name suggests, it is filled with air, which slows down heat conduction, but the movement of air also removes heat. The reason why the air cushion is warm is because it locks the gas and avoids the heat dissipation caused by the air flow. Considering portability, the design of the inflatable sleeping pad is easy to achieve a relatively high thermal insulation effect, that is, it is suitable for use in a cold environment.

Inflatable sleeping pads can be constructed in many ways, with interior padding suitable for use in cold environments

THERM-A-REST NEOAIR XLITE Ultralight Sleeping Pad with softer fabric for improved comfort and durability without adding weight.

Sea to Summit from Australia, its sleeping pad has a good coverage and is called the Simmons among mountaineering sleeping pads. Strong functionality, suitable for users who want to be lightweight and easy to carry.

Foam sleeping pad

The foam sleeping pad is made of foam material, and its biggest advantage is that the foam will not be punctured, and even if it is damaged, it still has the ability to block cold. The foam sleeping pad is recommended to choose the super popular eggshell sleeping pad, which can be folded and stored, lightweight material, suitable for use in three seasons. In the snow season, it can be used together with an inflatable sleeping pad.

Therm-a-rest eggshell sleeping pad. Foam sleeping pads often need to be carried externally because of their large size.