Should the moisture-proof mat be placed inside or outside the tent?


Whether the moisture-proof camping mats is placed insid […]

Whether the moisture-proof camping mats is placed inside the tent or outside (is it harmful to put the moisture-proof mat on the bed?)
Camping is a form of leisure that many people like now. Bring tents, clothes and other living rooms, camping in the wild or in the park, you can relax your body and mind and relieve various pressures brought by study and work. However, it should be noted that some people who are going to camp outdoors for the night must prepare moisture-proof and warm tools, such as moisture-proof pads, which can prevent moisture and keep warm in the tent.

1. Whether the camping moisture-proof pad is placed inside or outside the tent. Moisture-proof mats should be placed in tents, which are equivalent to mattresses at home. The things that are placed outside and under the tent are called floor coverings. Moisture pads are very important when camping in the wild. The floor cloth can be omitted, but the moisture-proof pad cannot be omitted. Moisture pads prevent heat loss and also allow for softer sleep. Backcountry camping is hard to find flat spots, so sleeping can be uncomfortable. It's even better if you use a moisture-proof pad. In addition, when camping in the wild, the ground is usually wet at night, and the moisture-proof mat is waterproof and can play a role in preventing moisture.

2. Which moisture-proof mat is better for camping? The biggest feature is the light weight, which is very suitable for backpacking. At present, most air cushions are made of thermal insulation materials, and the thermal insulation is very good. The inflation method is usually blowing within 3 minutes. Some models come with an internal hand pump, while some models require an external hand pump. But it is easy to be cut by sharp objects, but it is not difficult to repair.

Self-inflating air cushion: Open the valve of the air cushion, and the air will automatically fill the air cushion. This is heavier and more expensive than a normal foam seat. The packaging volume is slightly larger than the outer air cushion. It is also easily pierced by sharp objects. But comfortable, excellent warmth.

Foam pads: Made of dense foam, usually rolled up directly for storage. Lightweight, cheap and durable, don't worry about being easily punctured or leaking. It can be rolled up and hung outside the pack without taking up the interior space of the pack. But it is too hard, has poor cushioning, is uncomfortable, and is slightly larger when rolled up.