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Self Inflating Sleeping Pads - How to Fix a Leak

Written byAdventor
Self inflating sleeping pads are a great way to stay warm and comfortable on the trails. They are durable, lightweight, and provide the convenience of a foam pad, but are also able to provide better insulation in cold conditions.
These pads are generally made from high-quality materials, so they are not likely to need replacement in the long run. However, you do need to follow a few important steps to ensure that they remain safe.
In addition to purchasing a good, sturdy pad, you should also know how to fix it if you find a leak. Most manufacturers recommend putting some adhesive on the patch before placing it over the leak. This will help to firmly hold the patch in place, but it can cause the patch to curl.
The first step is to open the air valve and let the air in. You can either use a hand pump or a built-in valve.
Once you've filled the pad with air, close the valve. Then you can start rolling up the pad. It takes a little patience and practice, but it's worth it.
The second step is to clean the area where the leak is located. Use soapy water if you have it at home. If you don't, you can use a pen or sharpy.
Finally, you'll want to place the pad in the sun to dry it. Make sure to mark the spot where the leak is. Putting a piece of tape on the pad is a handy way to keep track of it.