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Self Inflating Mat For Tent Camping

Written byAdventor

Using a self inflating mat for tent camping is very handy. In a matter of seconds you'll have a comfortable sleeping surface. The foam core of these pads works as a built-in pump to inflate the pad. You can stand on the pad without getting out of bed, and during the day you can use it as a sit cushion.

These sleeping pads are very reliable, and are available at a wide range of prices. Some models are even built with extra insulation. They're also less bulky than other pads. Having a pad can be a big help when camping in remote locations. It's a good idea to check the foam core to ensure it's intact.

Self inflating no bottoming out camp sleep pad; Built in pillow and side rails keep you centered; Oversized air valve for easy inflation and deflation without the need for a pump

High R-Value of 5.6 keeps you warm. Lightweight PVC-free materials eliminate harmful phthalates, plastic odors and loud plastic noises

Includes over-sized carry bag and two compression straps for easy packing and storage

Self inflating mat has an updated valve system that's easier to inflate. It's also made with stronger fabrics, plush foam, and an offsetting foam design.It comes with a pillow and separate color-coded inflation and deflation valves.