Self-inflating cushion buying guide


First of all, my guide to everyone is not to tell you w […]

First of all, my guide to everyone is not to tell you what brand of cushion to buy, nor how much to buy, but to let everyone know why the price of the cushion varies so much, as well as the structure and material of the cushion Wait, when you go to the outdoor store to buy, you can have a bottom line.

First, let's talk about why the price of self-inflating cushions varies so much, ranging from the cheapest tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. Isn't it all self-inflating cushions? Why is there such a big difference? There are first of all brand factors. For example, THERMAREST, the pioneer of self-inflating cushions, is always worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. The quality must not be said, but the brand factor also accounts for a large part. In addition, as the products imported from abroad involve tariffs, the price will definitely be higher.

Next, let's take a look at the same domestic mat, why there is a difference of tens to hundreds of yuan. Taking the self-inflatable cushion apart, its price difference involves foam, fabric, air nozzle, gluing material, gluing technology, waterproof treatment, accessories and after-sales service:
Foam is the core of the self-inflating cushion. Whether a cushion is inflated quickly and whether it is comfortable to sleep depends on it. Usually, in the cushion factory, the quality of foam is distinguished by gram weight, that is, how much is the weight of the foam per cubic meter. Generally, self-inflating cushions use 16, 18, 21, and 23 gram weights. The lighter the weight, the worse the inflation effect and comfort will be. But on the other hand, if the gram weight is too large, it will affect its own weight. In addition, even the same weight of foam will have different effects. For example, I know that there are domestically produced cushions of self inflating mats more than 100 yuan and Airway's more than 200 yuan of cushions are also Japanese machine foam, but one is manual control, the other is It is a pure machine micro-control, and the stability of the foam produced is much worse. Finally, the foam will also involve an opening rate. Everyone only needs to know that the opening rate of about 80% is a very high value. There is no opening rate of 100%. Oh, this thing is a bit too professional, absolutely Most outdoor clerks don't understand this.

Fabrics, and now outdoor self-inflating cushions are basically made of polyester and nylon. There are two types of gluing technology: PVC and TPU. The disadvantage of PVC air cushion is that it is heavy, bulky, hard to the touch, not environmentally friendly, poor self-charging performance, short service life, and the advantage is low price. The disadvantage of TPU is the high price, but it is better than PVC mat in other aspects. In addition, there is also a process of using fixed points to make PU fabrics. The fabric and foam are not bonded together, so the use effect is worse, but the price is cheaper.
Air nozzles, most cheap air cushions use PVC plastic air nozzles, which have obvious disadvantages, that is, they are easily affected when the ambient temperature changes. A good valve should be made of copper material, which is minimally affected by temperature. Although the weight is large, it is worthwhile to compare the gains and losses. In order to not be too cold when supplying air to the air cushion in winter, it is best to have a plastic collar on the copper air nozzle. There is also a technology, that is, whether the valve is replaceable is also very important. Just think if it's not worth it to have to replace the entire air cushion just for the valve to break, and a good self-inflating cushion with a replaceable valve can avoid this problem.

Waterproof treatment, the surface is treated with water-repellent function so that the air cushion will not be wet quickly and maintain a good dry environment.
Auxiliary accessories usually include repair glue and repair fabric. In addition, a few brands such as Airway can replace the air nozzle and can also match the air nozzle.

At present, domestic self-inflating cushions are worth every penny. Usually tens to hundreds of yuan of cushions are mainly PU and PVC air cushions, and the quality depends on luck. If you encounter a good one, you will use it for 2 or 3 years, and if you encounter a bad one, you will shock after using it for 1 or 2 times. The quality of the cushion above 150 yuan can be guaranteed at the beginning, but it also depends on the technology and materials used. Usually, the service life can be guaranteed for 1-3 years. In my opinion, the cost-effectiveness of the mats from more than 300 yuan to 600 yuan is the highest, and the service life can usually be more than 3-5 years, and some can be used for 10 years. And products like THERMAREST have the longest service life, but the price is a little too high, and the working class may not be able to bear it. I often see some new friends who are very happy just bought a cheap mattress, but start complaining after less than two months. I think that instead of buying such a mattress, it is better to spend more money on an air mattress with stable quality and longer life. .

Finally, let's talk about the maintenance of the self-inflating cushion. After each use, wipe the surface of the air cushion with a damp cloth, and open the air cushion valve and put it in an inflated state. Remember not to compress and tighten the self-inflating cushion for a long time and then store it, because if the foam is in this state for a long time, its inflation effect will gradually lose. Don't blame me for not reminding you when you're back in a few months using your cushions that are so tightly packed that they can't fill.