Pillows needed for outdoor camping and sleeping


A pillow that fits you can improve your sleep quality a […]

A pillow that fits you can improve your sleep quality and ensure that you are full of energy the next day. However, which pillow is more suitable for you, others cannot answer for you, so you have to try it yourself. I often toss and turn in sleep, so I prefer a taller pillow.
Even in the hot summer, a thin down jacket should be an essential equipment for backpackers to enter the mountains. Roll up the down jacket and stuff it into a special compression bag, which is often a good neck pillow. The advantage is that it has two functions and saves a piece of equipment; the disadvantage is that it is small in size and can only be used to pillow the neck, and if the temperature at night is low, there is an extra step of removing and stuffing the pillow when entering and leaving the tent.
Recommended camping equipment, pillows you need to use when you camp out and sleep
The second type is pillow waterproof bag
It's a good pillow when stuffed with clothes and swelled up. The advantage is that it has two functions, and it is super light; the disadvantage is that it is expensive, and the clothes are not easy to be stuffed evenly, and sometimes it is more uncomfortable to sleep. In addition, I now only prepare two sets of clothes on foot, one set to wear when traveling, and one set to wear when camping. After camping, as long as the weather permits, I will dry the traveling set. As a result, only one ultra-light down jacket is left. , And an ultra-light down jacket not only can not bulge the waterproof bag, but also still retains the problem of removing and stuffing pillows in the first solution.
The third type is feather pillows. Down pillows are very light and can be compressed very small, but they do not provide enough support. They are often flattened when they fall asleep. Even if you put a down jacket on, the result is not much worse. Moreover, the maintenance of down products is more complicated, and you have to worry about water and sweat when you use it.
The fourth type is the inflatable pillow.
The shortcomings of inflatable pillows are obvious. They cannot be used for multiple purposes. They are purely weight-bearing. Compared with pillow waterproof bags, they can double. But the advantages are also obvious, the most comfortable. Not only can it be put on an inflatable pillow, but also a down jacket can be put on as a backrest, and placed on the inflatable pillow, it is more comfortable to watch videos and read books with a mobile phone.

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