• The role of moisture-proof mats and mats

    The role of moisture-proof mats and mats

    The floor mat refers to a thin layer of waterproof cloth directly on the ground, which mainly protects the bottom of the tent from being damaged, soils the bottom of the tent, and prevents the bottom of the tent from freezing with the ground in winter. Can also be used as a picnic mat. The moisture-... Read More

    14-03-2020 News
  • Outdoor camping safety first

    Outdoor camping safety first

    Camping is the main way of camping for outdoor activities. It can deeply explore nature and relieve physical and mental stress. However, to start a camping trip, you must not only make adequate preparations, but also learn the necessary emergency skills to make the camping trip more at ease and comf... Read More

    06-03-2020 News
  • Choose a new sleeping pad

    Choose a new sleeping pad

    Sleeping pad function Insulation and R value Even in summer, insulation is important for good sleep because you reduce body heat to the ground. To offset this, most air and self-inflating cushions now have a synthetic insulation inside. Some cushions provide insulation and tend to sleep in very cold... Read More

    29-02-2020 News
  • When choosing a new sleeping pad

    When choosing a new sleeping pad

    When choosing a new sleeping pad, keep in mind the following: Car camping: When you are not limited by size and weight, you can choose thicker and larger mattresses to ensure comfortable sleep. These are usually cheaper than lightweight. Self-inflating cushions are usually a good choice for car camp... Read More

    22-02-2020 News
  • Type of sleeping pad

    Type of sleeping pad

    air cushion The air cushion is lighter than ever and is perfect for backpacking. Most air cushions now contain insulation or reflective materials for added warmth. You need to inflate them, usually your breath (most can be inflated in 3 minutes or less). However, some models have a built-in manual p... Read More

    14-02-2020 News