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Notes on the use of automatic inflatable cushions

Written byAdventor

Today we will talk about the precautions of the automatic inflatable moisture-proof pad. The key of the self-inflating moisture-proof pad is the resilience of the internal filling, which determines whether the user needs to blow with his mouth after long-term compression to compensate for the softness of the pad caused by the low rebound of the filling material .

Keep away from sharp objects (thorny plants or sharp stones or blades).

When not using a tent, please make a basement under the air bed.

Do not use it as a buoy.

Keep away from flames or sparks.

When the temperature is high, do not place the inflatable bed with closed valve in the car or tent.

Do not apply sunscreen or alkaline medicine.

Keep out of reach of pets.

The mouthpiece is stiff and should be avoided during breaks.

Do not expose to sunlight for long periods of time. Ultraviolet rays will gradually damage the surface material.