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Moisture-proof mat shopping guide

Written byAdventor

How important is a moisture pad
Outdoors, moisture-proof mats are no less effective than sleeping bags and tents.
When camping, not only can reduce the discomfort of sleeping on the floor, but also isolate the ground from moisture, keeping your body dry and warm. The principle of the moisture-proof pad is actually very simple. It is similar to wearing a down jacket in winter. It uses different materials to build a layer of "air insulation" between the ground and the body. This layer of "dead air" that cannot flow can keep warm and prevent moisture. The special design and materials of the moisture-proof pad can also prevent moth and enhance comfort. After all, it is very difficult to find a flat place outdoors. Camping outdoors without a moisture-proof pad is equivalent to sleeping directly on the ground. Over time, arthritis will also come to your door.
What kinds of moisture-proof mats
Moisture-proof pads are generally divided into inflatable, self-inflating, and foam pads.
Inflatable moisture-proof pads are most comfortable to sleep, and can be adjusted for softness by inflating.
The disadvantage is that it is too heavy and easy to break. If you camp in a high altitude area, you have to blow your own air, it will only cause a fire in your stomach, so the general inflatable cushion is suitable for light camping or self-driving camping.
The self-inflating cushion will automatically expand and inflate after opening. The principle is similar to taking out a sponge from a vacuum environment. It is actually a combination of an inflatable shell and an expanding sponge. You can easily adjust the inflation, which is excellent in water resistance and moisture resistance. However, the price of self-filling pads is generally expensive, and there are also problems of puncture and self-importance. Suitable for big guys who are looking for comfort and not bad money.
Foam pads are the mainstream of outdoor circles. The materials are generally EVA, XPE, IXPE, and the shapes are egg troughs, silver rubs, and hexagons .... This type of moisture-proof pad is light in weight, easy to use and cheap, and can be made outdoors. Not distressed. However, this type of mat is relatively thin and not as comfortable as the previous two, but has good moisture resistance.
If the outdoor temperature is relatively constant and there is no low temperature, comfort is the first consideration.
If you are looking for convenience and portability, start with a foam pad.
If you need to hike for a long time, choose the lightest one.
For non-self driving, pay attention to the compressed volume of the moisture-proof pad.