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Introduction to air mattress

Written byAdventor

First, how is the quality of the air mattress? Will it leak?
A: Because pvc is very flexible and flexible, it is the best material for making inflatable products - it can withstand a few tons of cars without any damage. Most inflatable products are sturdy and durable, so you don't have to worry about it being as stingy as glass.
Second, is the air mattress suitable for long-term use, comfortable? How do you feel?
A: The vast majority of users who purchase inflatable beds are used for long-term sleep. Only a small number of people use it to temporarily entertain guests. Very few people use it for outdoor activities. Because the quality of the airbed is very good, it is suitable for long-term use. Will not break. People who have not touched the air bed generally imagine that the air bed is soft and soft, just like sleeping on cotton. This is not the case. After the air bed is full, it is only a little softer than the spring bed, and it is very sleepy. Comfortable, feels like a sleeping spring bed.
Third, what is the meaning of flocking of air mattresses, will it be cold in winter, will it be hot in summer?
A: Flocking, planting means planting, and velvet means fluff. Short and fine fluff is physically applied to the surface of the inflatable bed. Because the airbed is flocked, sleeps, feels very delicate, and very breathable, warmer in winter; in the summer, put the sheets, put them on the mat, it is also very breathable and cool.
Fourth, the air mattress looks like a pit, will it be comfortable?
A: The column inflatable bed looks like a honeycomb, a round pit consisting of a round pit. But when you sleep, you won't feel uneven, because the convex part is soft, and the concave place is hard. When you sleep, you can't feel the unevenness. Instead, because of this, the flow of gas on the bed surface is increased, making the air bed very permeable.