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How to repair a damaged air bed?

Written byAdventor

A, repair pinhole:
If your inflatable bed is accidentally pinched by a needle or wood with one or more small needles, it is the easiest to fix:
1. After the bed is deflated, the gas nozzle is covered to reduce the gas flow in the bed;
2. Take out the glue in the repair kit and drop a drop of glue on the needle eye.
3. If the needle eye is large, take a toothpick, use a toothpick tip to apply glue, apply it to the damaged needle eye, and then fill the needle eye with glue.
4, the repair is completed, wait for four hours before refilling.
B. Repair the scratch or burn the mouth:
If your airbed is accidentally scratched by a knife or burnt a large hole, please don't panic, in the following order, you can make up:
1. After the bed is deflated, the gas nozzle is covered to reduce the gas flow in the bed;
2, find the patch material in the repair kit, cut a piece, need to cover enough to break the seam;
3. Apply the glue to the damaged place, press the patch, and glue the side of the patch to the seam;
4, apply pressure, to ensure that there is no gap on the rubber surface, use a smooth, heavy object to press it;
5. Wait for eight hours before inflating and repairing is completed.
C, suede repair:
1. Carefully clean up the repaired area;
2. After drying, remove the patch and cut it, cover it on the surface of the destruction, and allow a little more around;
3. Apply a layer of glue to the patch and the damaged surface, and glue the edges of the patch to ensure complete sealing;
4. Press it with a smooth, heavy object;
5. Press with heavy objects and pressurize them after 24 hours to complete the repair.
D, other matters:
1. Remember not to inflate too much (especially in summer). Do not exercise too vigorously in the bed. Otherwise, the strap inside the bed will be overloaded and broken, causing the bed to be wrapped and cannot be repaired. It can only be scrapped.
2, repair glue is a chemical, do not touch the eyes or swallow