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How to make a camping plan

Written byAdventor

Camping in the wild is a very enjoyable thing. It allows us to say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city and listen to the sounds of nature; many friends want to go camping outside, but don't know how to plan reasonably. Now I will share some experiences with you.

Before camping, let me make a few small requirements:

1. Pay attention to safety, do what you can, don't take risks;

2. Pay attention to environmental protection, don't throw away the garbage casually, take it back and throw it into the trash can.

First of all, we must prepare before departure. Consider the following questions:

Where am i going?
How many days to go?
How much food to bring?
How much water to bring?
Can I get supplies on the way?
What kind of medicine is most suitable?
What am i going to do?
What equipment should I bring?
Are you ready?
What might happen and how to solve it? (Such as being sick, bad guys, injuries, thunderstorms, etc.)
What if it fails to proceed as planned?
If you think about it clearly, then this is the main body (plan) of your activity. Make a list and start preparing.

Make sure you are in a healthy state before leaving! If you are sick, then the plan must be postponed.

Before leaving, study your plan carefully. The more information you have and understand about the place you will go, the better:

1. The climate of the place to go;
2. Keep in touch with friends who are familiar with this place, study the map in detail and read more related materials;
3. Be sure to carry a reliable map with you;
4. Do more research on the living habits and characteristics of local people, understand whether they are hostile to outsiders or very friendly, and learn as much as possible about local customs and various taboos;
5. Understand the details and habits of people's lives in the places you pass by, especially in areas that are far from civilized, where people's lifestyles are more firmly tied to the land where you live, and you may have more survival skills and knowledge when you need it.

The key is to use more brains and think of ways.

When everything is ready, you are already very confident. You can set off with your companions (Single camping is not supported, so the risk factor will be greatly increased. The best way is to act together and take care of each other and unite together)