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How to choose a suitable inflatable sleeping pad?

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There are three types of sleeping pads
First of all, the sleeping pads for camping can be roughly divided into three types: foam sleeping pads, inflatable sleeping pads, and automatic inflatable sleeping pads.
foam sleeping pad
This kind of sleeping pad is made of foam material. Its biggest advantage is that it is not afraid of being punctured, and even if it is damaged, it still has the ability to block cold. Can be folded and stored, lightweight material, very suitable for mountaineering. But it is not suitable for use in winter or in cold mountains, because the thickness is thin and it cannot insulate the cold and damp air well.
Camping sleeping pad recommendation, how to choose a suitable inflatable mattress?
inflatable sleeping pad
Inflatable sleeping pads must be blown in by themselves, or inflated with an inflator. There is only air in the sleeping pad. The air layer can slow down heat conduction and isolate the body from contact with the cold ground, which is more suitable for use in cold environments. The storage of the inflatable sleeping pad is also very simple, and it is small in size and easy to carry.
Camping sleeping pad recommendation, how to choose a suitable inflatable mattress?
Automatic Inflatable Sleeping Pad
The self-inflating sleeping pad contains open-cell foam, which can automatically expand the sleeping pad and make the sleeping pad absorb air to generate thickness. There is usually an air inlet and outlet, and when you open it, the sleeping pad will start to inflate, and then lock the air inlet, so that the air will not escape when you lie on the mattress. When storing, open the air port, squeeze out the air while rolling the sleeping pad, and finally lock the air port to prevent air from entering the sleeping pad.
There are two types of self-inflating sleeping pads: thin and thick. The thin type is lighter and suitable for mountaineering, but it is less warm. Thick sleeping pads are bulky and heavy after storage, and are more suitable for general camping and family camping, and they are much more comfortable!
Camping sleeping pad recommendation, how to choose a suitable inflatable mattress?
check camping habits
The above illustrates three kinds of air mattresses, now it is time to look at your own camping habits.
If you often climb mountains and go camping, it is more suitable to choose a lightweight foam sleeping pad or a thin self-inflating sleeping pad. But if you are general camping or family camping, you don’t need to carry a sleeping pad when you drive to the camp area, and you want your wife, children, relatives and friends to sleep comfortably, then inflatable sleeping pads and thick inflatable sleeping pads are the main considerations.
Match the tent size
How many sleeping pads can a tent (inner tent) put down? You must do a little trial calculation when purchasing a sleeping pad. The width of the sleeping pad is a more important number. Then my own experience is not to grab just right, the width of the sleeping pad can be a little smaller than the width of the inner tent, which is safer.
Is there a warranty?
Warranty is important when it comes to inflatable sleeping pads! Because inflatable sleeping pads are easy to break and are also afraid of air leakage, you may find that your back is already stuck to the ground after sleeping until midnight, because all the air has leaked out...
Therefore, you must check the warranty of the inflatable sleeping pad. If you find that it is still within the warranty period when you find that it is deflated, you can ask it to deal with it as soon as possible, and it will usually be replaced with a new one.
Ease of warranty is also an important point. Recently, I have seen many disputes over the warranty of inflatable mattresses, so do some homework on this part.