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How to buy a climbing tent? Tell you how to choose a te […]

How to buy a climbing tent? Tell you how to choose a tent!

There are many styles of mountaineering tents, and many mountain friends have no idea how to choose them. In fact, the key points to consider when choosing a mountaineering tent are probably the weight, comfort, and space of the tent, and then choose the right one based on personal habits and itinerary considerations. Tent style. This article will tell you how to buy a climbing tent. Don’t be afraid of losing blood when buying the wrong equipment and wallet~!
[Key points for selecting mountain tents]
1. Weight One of the most important considerations when choosing a mountaineering tent is definitely the weight of the tent. Early mountaineers are always used to carrying heavy weights, but in recent years, the trend of lightweighting has emerged, and various mountaineering brands have begun to produce comparisons. Lightweight tent style, lightweight has become the mainstream of mountaineering, the lighter the back, the easier it will be to walk, and it will have more physical strength to cope with all kinds of difficult terrain on the mountain. Several years ago, two-person tents weighing less than 2 kilograms were already very light, but in recent years, with the technological development of mountaineering equipment brands, the lighter weight is getting better and better. Now there are many double tents with a total weight of 1.5 Below kg. However, usually lightweight tents, because they focus on the relationship of light weight, the comfort, space, and strength of the tent will inevitably have some trade-offs. This part must be considered based on personal habits.
2. Comfort/space size
The comfort of the tent is also very important. If you sleep uncomfortably at night on the mountain, it will affect your mental and physical strength the next day, and it may also cause danger. Generally speaking, in terms of optimal comfort, the size of a tent should be based on the number of users plus one, that is, if two people sleep, buying a three-person tent will be the most comfortable. However, the larger the tent, the heavier it will be. In terms of comfort, the sleeping system of mountaineering should also be considered. Not only the tent, but also the selection of sleeping bags and sleeping pads should also be details that should be paid attention to. After all, if a piece of equipment is not selected well, it may be connected to the entire sleep. The quality is also bad. The size of the tent is closely related to its comfort. Usually, it is necessary to save space in the pursuit of lightweight. This part is also determined by personal habits and tolerance. However, some brand manufacturers strive for more use space on the basis of lightweight through innovative design.
Three, tent erection
Whether the tent is easy to set up is also a factor to consider when buying a climbing tent. If you choose a climbing tent that is difficult to set up, it will be a headache. When you finally arrive at the camp out of breath, you will have to spend a lot of time setting up the tent. It is really troublesome. Some tents will be more inconvenient to set up due to terrain factors. If you are buying a general mountaineering tent, remember to consider whether it is easy to set up.
Four, tent style
There are many styles of tents, including single-layer tents, pyramid tents, sky curtains, double-layer tents, or three-season tents and four-season tents that are distinguished by seasons. At present, the most common and most people use double tents. Layer tents, that is, tents with inner and outer tents.
In fact, there is no single style tent that is the best. The reason why double-layer tents are currently used by most people is that they are the most common and provide better protection and shelter, high comfort and warmth, and the installation method is simple and easy to understand. , Compared with single-layer accounts, it is not easy to counter the tide.
Five, the anti-tide problem of tents
Why on earth would the tent counter the tide? Why did I buy a high-profile mountaineering tent but it still turned against the tide? If there is too much moisture in the air to circulate, the moisture will condense into liquid droplets on the surface of the object. This situation is called anti-damp. In fact, no matter what the price of the mountaineering tent, if the tent is not really stretched, so that the air can circulate inside and outside, it is easy to counter the tide. Because of the high humidity in the mountains, it is easier to counter tide when camping in humid areas. Therefore, when choosing a mountaineering tent, you should also pay attention to its breathability. Usually, the inner tent of the double-layer tent will have a gauze design to increase its ventilation and breathability. Remember not to be lazy when setting up the tent, and you should really stretch the outer tent. There is a certain distance between the external account and the internal account, and do not touch each other to reduce the problem of anti-tide!
There is an old saying: "There is only the most suitable mountaineering equipment, not the best." After reading the mountaineering tent buying guide of this article, you who are still watching the tent, go and choose the mountain tent that suits you!