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How to choose a camping pillow?

Written byAdventor

When most campers choose a camping pillow, the size that is easy to carry and the comfort of lying down are the main considerations. Generally speaking, most of the pillows used for camping are stowable inflatable pillows or small pillows similar to office napping pillows, which take up less space in the car and can also be used when traveling abroad. Here are a few options for your reference:

NO.1 type
Camping pillows usually have inflatable type, cotton type and memory latex type, etc. The biggest advantage of the inflatable type is that the storage volume is small, and the comfort of a better inflatable pillow will not lose to the memory latex type camping pillow!

NO.2 storage volume and size
The space in the car is fixed, but the size of the camping equipment can be selected, so if the storage size of the camping pillow can be taken into account while taking comfort into account, the smaller the better, of course!

NO.3 surface cloth material
The material of the surface cloth will affect the comfort during use. Common surface materials of camping pillows include sweat-absorbing fabrics, bristles, cotton, suede, etc. It is usually recommended to go to the physical store to see and compare them so that you can actually feel the difference. .

NO.4 Whether it can be machine washed
Most inflatable camping pillows cannot be washed directly in the washing machine, so it is recommended to cover the outer layer with a layer of cloth to prevent dirt, or simply wipe it with clean water after use.