How should we choose sleeping mats?


When you first go outdoors and buy equipment, you are o […]

When you first go outdoors and buy equipment, you are often stumped by a group of people. When it comes to outdoor, the most important equipment, people often overlook one thing, which is the moisture-proof sleeping mat.
"It's not cold, can I bring a thick sleeping bag, don't you need a sleeping mat?"
People who just play outdoors without camping often ask questions like this, but do not know the importance of sleeping mats.
There are four ways to dissipate heat from the human body: evaporation, convection, conduction, and radiation. Among them, conduction and convection dissipate the most heat, and because of lying down when sleeping, the heat dissipation from conduction accounts for the bulk.
If you sleep directly on the ground outdoors, the result is that no matter how thick the sleeping bag is, you will feel cold because the ground is constantly absorbing your heat. If the heat is lost, it will be weak on the second day, or it will lose the temperature directly at night.
Sleeping pads (that is, moisture-proof pads) are lighter and easier to pack than beds at home. They are beds for outdoor people. It has two functions, one is to isolate the heat transfer between us and the ground, whether it is heat or cold air, that is, moisture and heat insulation, the second, it can play a buffering effect.
There is no doubt about the necessity of sleeping pads, but there are so many kinds of sleeping pads on the market, how do we choose from them?

Types of sleeping pads
Foam type: the most common variety, using high-pressure polyethylene material, after foam molding, and then cut into sheets of a certain thickness according to different specifications. Keep warm by countless small airbags inside the closed closed-cell foam material.
Inflatable type: artificially build an air bladder and fill it with air to keep warm. Some models will be filled with other insulation materials in the airbag to further enhance the thermal insulation performance.
Self-inflating type: The combination of foam pad and inflatable pad, the principle of automatic inflation, is to close the open air chamber in a waterproof nylon shell, which will automatically expand when used.
how to choose?
Four principles must be grasped when choosing a suitable camping damp-proof mat: suitable for people, suitable for the place, suitable for the time, and suitable for the price.
1. It should be said that different people have different needs, and people's requirements are different.
2. Depending on the place, the requirements for moisture-proof pads are different in different regions.
3. It is the concept of a season according to the time, and different seasons will have different needs.
4. The price is suitable to see how much you are going to spend to solve this problem. Of course, to choose a suitable moisture-proof pad, we also need to understand the various technical indicators and characteristics of the moisture-proof pad.