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How many types of moisture-proof pads are there? What are the characteristics?

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   With the development of outdoor sports,there are many moisture-proof mats. For travelers, in the face of the abundant moisture-proof cushion market, what kind of product is most suitable? I feel that there are four principles to be grasped: This is what suits people, places, times, and prices. It should be said that different people have different needs, and people's requirements are different. Depending on the location, different regions have different requirements for moisture-proof pads. Adapting to time is a concept of season, and different seasons have different needs. It depends on how much you plan to spend to solve this problem. Of course, to choose a moisture-proof pad that suits you, we also need to understand the various technical indicators and characteristics of the moisture-proof pad. If we understand this, it is not difficult to choose an economical moisture-proof pad.

   Although there are many varieties of moisture-proof mats on the market, they are nothing more than several categories:

  A. Closed cell foam pad:

  This kind of moisture-proof pad is the most common variety in the early days. It is made of high-pressure polyethylene material. After foaming, it is cut into a certain thickness according to different specifications. It becomes our common moisture-proof pad. This kind of moisture-proof pad is characterized by closed cells and no water absorption. It is usually cut into a thickness of 0.8-1.0 by 45 times of foaming. The price is relatively low. Due to its poor durability, it is usually used for one time abroad. my country is a low-consumption country, and people's consumption habits hope to be used many times to reduce input. To meet this requirement, some merchants combine low-magnification foaming slices with high-magnification foaming slices. This is the double-layer two-color moisture-proof pad we see in the market. Since the outer layer uses low-magnification foaming slices, the bottom The wear resistance is greatly enhanced. There are two common specifications for this kind of mat, one is 180*50*1.2, the other is 180*50*1.0 (thickness), so the price will be slightly different, about 20%.

  B. EVA moisture-proof pad:

  From its name, we can know the material it chooses, EVA is also known as resilience glue. Compared with closed-cell foam moisture-proof pads, it has the characteristics of good elasticity and strong toughness, so the price is also quite different. Compared with the first type of moisture-proof pads, the cost is nearly doubled, but the comfort and durability are greatly improved. Up. But from its appearance, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the difference between the two.

  C. XPE moisture-proof pad:

   XPE moisture-proof pad, also known as semi-porous foam pad, uses ultra-high pressure polyethylene material. Although this material is not as high-grade as pure EVA material, its strength, toughness and tensile strength are much better than closed-cell foam materials, but its water repellency is not as good as closed-cell materials. Therefore, when the manufacturer makes this kind of moisture-proof pad, the process is passed High temperature rigidity is used for crusting treatment to enhance water resistance. This kind of damp-proof pad through the skinning treatment (embossing) not only enhances the aesthetics and water repellency, but also improves the toughness, and because of the patterned grooves, the breathability is better. XPE is a new product launched in the past two years. Its price is slightly higher than that of closed-cell foam materials. It has obvious advantages in terms of comfort in use and can be said to be an ideal product among low-grade moisture-proof pads. Common varieties are 180*55*1.0 and 180*55*1.2 two specifications. In order to enhance the warmth retention effect of the moisture-proof pad, some businesses compound a layer of aluminum film on the outside of the moisture-proof pad. The aluminum film has the effect of reflecting body heat. In theory, it should keep warm. XPE is also made by physical foaming, usually foamed 30-45 times. The lower the foaming ratio, the better its performance indicators. For cushions that seem to have no big difference in appearance, due to the difference in foaming ratio and thickness, the price will also vary.

  D. Inflatable moisture-proof cushion: (air bed)

This kind of moisture-proof pad, called air bed, was first used as a floating pad in China, and later used as a moisture-proof pad for camping by some people. This kind of air bed made of cotton scraper fabric has moisture-proof performance. Not bad, but due to its larger size, heavier quality, and troublesome inflation and exhaust, it is an uncommon variety in the outdoor moisture-proof mat family.

  E. EPE moisture-proof pad:

EPE material is often used as a protective layer for packaging items. Because of its impermeable function, it has also been developed as a moisture-proof mat for outdoor camping. This kind of moisture-proof mat is usually relatively thin, generally 2.5-3MM, in order to improve toughness and strengthen It keeps warm, and is often combined with aluminum film. The general specifications are relatively large. Common specifications are 1*2M, 1.5*2M, 1.6*2.2M, which are light in weight, but have poor anti-corrosion properties. If in summer or warm seasons It is a good variety for camping on the lawn. Generally, two or three people can use one together. If it is used on hard ground or cold weather, it can be thickened by 30%.

  F. Automatic inflatable moisture-proof cushion:

  The automatic inflatable moisture-proof pad is the nobleman of the moisture-proof pad family. It is a high-end product and is often the first choice for outdoor corruption trips. It is very comfortable to use and feels similar to Simmons in the family. In the production process, the inner core of the moisture-proof pad is filled with a sponge with good compression and expansion. The gas in the sponge is squeezed, and the air nozzle is closed to make the pad into a semi-vacuum state, and the volume will become smaller. When the air nozzle is opened, the sponge expands under the action of outside air pressure and can automatically suck air into the cushion. Therefore, it is called an automatic inflatable cushion. The air-filled moisture-proof cushion has very good elasticity.

   This kind of moisture-proof mat is divided into high, medium and low grades due to different materials. Low-end PVC-coated polyester silk is generally used, so the quality will be heavier. PU-coated polyester silk is often used for medium and high-end products, and high-quality sponge is used in the heart, so the compression and toughness are good. The bonding method can be divided into three methods: edge sealing, semi-bonding and full bonding. The high-end products are all processed by the full bonding method. After the air is filled, the cushion appears to be integrated, so the comfort is very good. Because this kind of cushion is filled with a sponge inner core, it is generally larger in volume. In order to reduce the volume of the cushion, some varieties cut the inner sponge into a honeycomb shape. When strongly compressed, the volume will be greatly reduced and the weight will be reduced a lot. However, due to the complexity of the process, the price will be more expensive.

  It will be very comfortable to use the self-inflating moisture-proof cushion, but it also requires skill in use. Generally, the elasticity is not ideal in the state of automatic inflation. Therefore, before use, after the automatic inflation is over, you should make up 2-3 breaths to enhance its elasticity. It should be noted that the air must not be too much. If the force of the gas expansion is too large, the adhesive layer will be torn apart. When the air bag appears, it is not so comfortable to use.


   After understanding the characteristics of the moisture-proof mat family, you can choose according to your needs. In fact, the moisture-proof mat is not only for moisture-proof, it also has at least two functions, one is to keep warm, and the other is to prevent dampness. This is all related to the thickness of the moisture-proof mat. If there are few opportunities to go outdoors and it is a warm season, an ordinary moisture-proof mat is enough. You can buy a pretty good one for five to sixty yuan. If you have the opportunity to go outdoors Many, and use in harsh environments, comfort and body care are the first.