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Hongfeng Outdoor Products: Some experience in hiking and camping

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As a professional China ultralight mattress manufacturers and camping mats suppliers, Zhejiang Hongfeng Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd (ZJHF) was founded in 1998 and is located in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, China. Our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Chen, were avid campers and hikers. The company’s fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1998. “We love nature and the outdoors.

The following are some suggestions on hiking and camping summarized by some outdoor friends based on their own experience

1. Don't bring extra things, try to reduce the quality of equipment;

2. Don't eat wild fruits and wild plants unless you know them;

3. Learn more survival skills in the field in case you need it from time to time;

4. Try not to light a fire in the wild, unless you are wet and cold, especially in places with dense vegetation. If you must light a fire, pay attention to fire safety;

5. Do not camp by the water at will, put down your rucksack, and check the animal trails; do not camp under the hillside at will, falling rocks are very dangerous; do not arbitrarily cross the river valley during the rainy season, the flood is often as fast as lightning; do not camp in the open area on the top of the mountain , Thunder and lightning give priority to the highest thing;

6. Don't try to irritate aggressive animals; don't drive tame animals into dead ends; don't pick up cubs waiting to be fed at will;

7. Please maintain your own demeanor. It is the talent of thieves to take the sheep handily. A quick hand may attract angered villagers and inexplicably high fines;

8. Carry a sharp knife. When a crisis comes, it will let you get out of the tent quickly;

9. When climbing dangerous places or passing turbulent waters, please open the chest buckle. In case of danger, it can let you separate the bag at the fastest speed;

10. Please don't step on unstable land. It is the safest choice to step on the footprints of your teammates, or try to slowly add your gravity with one foot before each step;

11. There is a survival whistle on the chest buckle of the backpack, blowing it is more energy-saving than calling for help;

12. Quick hemostasis can use plant ash, the wound is too large and there is no medical supplies, the glue in the repair kit can be used to bond the wound, 502 is particularly effective, although the glue is poisonous, it is not fatal to blood loss;

13. Don't fool around with people at will, unless you really know him;

14. Don't begrudge your voice, call for help at no cost, and don't waste your energy by calling for help.

15. Knee pads may save your donkey career;

16. Don't drink alcohol, that hobby is very dangerous;

17. If you feel unwell, please find out the cause immediately and make a judgment. You may not be able to wait for the ambulance with hard support.

18. Bury your feces, this is not only to eliminate stench and flies;

19. When entering and leaving the tent, close the zipper of the inner tent to prevent mosquitoes from entering;

20. Don't challenge the probability, the smallest probability of danger, often walking by the river will always get wet shoes;

21. Get up and watch the night if you can't sleep. There are many unstable factors in the wild environment;

22. Respect the suggestions of the locals, your outdoor experience is not universal;

23. Simplicity is temporary, and people always have all kinds of bad roots;

24. Don't trust strangers easily, ask a few more people, the news is more reliable;

25. Please keep a low profile when going out on foot. Being brave and fighting will only make the consequences more serious;

26. If you travel alone, please inform your friends about the itinerary, and posting an itinerary map on the door will not waste you too much time;

27. First of all, you must protect yourself to better take care of others;

28. Realgar is more effective after being blended with white wine. Sprinkle realgar wine on the calf when walking. Generally speaking, snakes are very interested in human calves. Of course, use the method of "shooting the grass and startling the snake" and walk slowly. If you see a snake, try to avoid it;

29. Do not drive at night, find the camp and set up tents before dark;

30. When traveling alone, try not to let people along the way know that you are alone, and try to travel in groups.