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First aid knowledge that must be mastered when going out camping

Written byAdventor

Before camping, you must prepare a sufficient first aid kit. The first aid kit should include: 1. Bandages and gauze of various sizes; 2. Antibiotic ointment; 3. Antidiarrheal medicine; 4. Painkiller; 5. Sterilized rag And flushing fluid; 6. Spray to relieve sunburn pain; 7. Tweezers, scissors and knives, etc.


So, what accidents will we face during camping? The most common are cuts and scrapes. When we are out and camping, some trivial things can become dangerous, such as: walking through small bushes, prickly woods, encountering cacti, cooking outside, campfires, insect bites, etc., all possible Let us be accidentally small injuries, therefore, we should be fully prepared beforehand.

(1) When encountering cuts or abrasions, you may wish to use a bandage, and at the same time, use a clean and disinfected rag and antibiotic cream. When cleaning wounds, hydrogen peroxide comes in handy.

(2) When you are bitten, scratched, or cut by mosquitoes, you may wish to use analgesics, the effect is very good.

(3) If you sit very close to the campfire and the ashes blow into your eyes, you can wash your eyes with salt water. This is a good way.

(4) If you are unfortunately stabbed by a thorn or small fragment, you can ask tweezers to help you, pull out the small fragment and small thorn, and then use scissors or a knife to cut the bandage and small rope.

(5) For headaches, you can use aspirin and acetaminophen to relieve the pain, and when you have gastrointestinal problems and your stomach is uncomfortable, you can take the antidiarrheal medicine prepared in the first aid kit.

In addition to the drugs mentioned above, you also need to prepare aloe vera cream for immediate relief of pain after sunburn; in the hot summer, you should arm yourself with lip balm and sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition, it is very important to prepare a first aid kit for snake bites.

Finally, I would like to remind all campers that the first aid kit should be checked regularly, and the necessary supplies should be refilled. The expired drugs should also be replaced immediately. Remember: Whenever you go camping, you have to prepare an adequate and practical first aid kit in advance and be a smart camper!