Do you know the discipline of these camping camps?


Do you know the discipline of these camping camps? 1. T […]

Do you know the discipline of these camping camps?

1. The entrance and exit of the tent must be closed when the tent is set up. Normally develop a good habit, close the zippers of the tent opening when collecting revenue; you must close the tent opening in time when entering and leaving the tent, so as to prevent mosquitoes and other small animals from flying into the tent to harass and affect Rest and sleep at night. In many cases, when setting up camp, some team members not only did not close the tent door, but opened the tent door to chat, so that they were often harassed by small animals in the middle of the night to take pictures, affecting their rest and sleep with other team members.

2. When entering the tent to rest, put the toes of the hiking shoes and shoes outwards. Except for the sleeping bags and pillows needed for camping at night, other items must be neatly packed in the backpack and placed in the tent at the exit of the tent. In the eaves, if there is an emergency at night, you can put on smooth hiking shoes and carry a backpack to escape. Many travellers left hiking shoes, backpacks, clothing, etc. out of the tent during a 100-kilometer hike. If it rains or fogs a lot at night, the equipment left out is soaked, what do you take to continue Finish crossing

3. Before going to bed in the tent, develop a good habit, put the headlight in a handy place around you, and press the dagger under the pillow, so that if there is an accident at night, bring the headlight and hold the dagger to escape outside the tent. , When the tent cannot be opened, you can use a dagger to quickly open the tent to escape. There are often travel friends who can’t understand the mystery of a sharp 25CM camping in the wild, and they also say that if there is an army, what else do they need a dagger? Just add unnecessary weight. To participate in outdoor adventure activities in an unfamiliar environment, a sharp 25CM dagger is a must! For example, anyone who has seen the Schattdecor Trail crossing knows that a team member is attacked by a bear in a tent on a cold night. The team member can only fight with the bear empty-handed. If the team member has a dagger to resist it, it will not be used. So many players were injured.

4. Strictly follow the work and rest schedule arranged by the team leader to watch the night and rest. It is strictly forbidden to talk or fight loudly on the campsite during the night rest time until the next day to get up and collect, so as not to affect the normal rest of other team members.

5. At night (including night shift), before the teammates resting in the tent are not gently awakened, it is not allowed to open the teammates' tent, so as not to disturb the teammates in the tent, making them mistakenly believe that someone or a beast attacked and stabbed them with a knife. And lead to accidents.

6. All tents passing through the team are public equipment, and the team leader has the right to make appropriate allocations. When I usually arrange the tent, I try my best to arrange the team members who want to sing in the night to sleep together as a jerk, and arrange them outside the central area of ​​the tent, so that the nose singing at night will affect the rest of the other team members.

7. In principle, the players who live in the same tent will try their best to arrange to watch the night watch during the same time period, so as not to wake up the successor during the midnight shift and affect the rest of the other players.