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Foam moisture-proof pad In the environment of extreme c […]

Foam moisture-proof pad
In the environment of extreme climbing, foam cushions are the mainstream. You can see that all climbers' backpack photos are almost tied with a yellow egg trough or silver roll. There is no need to worry about air leakage, no need to blow, just throw it on the ground. The foam pad is the best match for these extreme environments.
It is used more frequently in outdoor circles. Foam moisture-proof pad materials include foam moisture-proof pad, EVA, XPE. The most commonly recommended is XPE moisture-proof pad. Because it is lighter in weight, more flexible, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and has better insulation effects.
Of course, in addition to the classification of materials, there are also according to its shape, such as ordinary moisture-proof pads, hexagonal moisture-proof pads, silver washboard moisture-proof pads, and egg-groove moisture-proof pads.
Ordinary moisture-proof pad, his workmanship is simple, then the surface is relatively flat, and the permeability is also poor. Most people will choose hexagons, as well as silver washboard and egg-shaped moisture-proof pads, which involve the principles of moisture-proof and heat preservation.
Inflatable moisture-proof pad
When not inflated, the storage volume is small, but the weight is not light.
This kind of moisture-proof pad called an air bed was first used as a floating pad for water in China, and was later used as a moisture-proof pad for camping by some people.
You need to use your mouth to blow or inflate the tool. If you inflate enough, you can sleep more comfortably, but it is easy to sink when the inflation is not heavy enough. This kind of air bed made of cotton scraper fabric has good moisture resistance, but due to its large size, The quality is heavier, and it is more troublesome to inflate and exhaust, so it is an uncommon variety in the outdoor damp pad family.

Self-inflating cushion
The combination of foam cushion and inflatable cushion will automatically expand after opening, but it is more laborious to store and the price is higher.
Compared with the inflatable cushion, it still has good thermal insulation performance after being accidentally punctured. Since a large amount of open-cell foam is added to the inflatable cushion structure, it can effectively keep warm and has excellent comfort.
However, under the same weight, the thermal insulation performance is lower than that of foam cushions and pure inflatable cushions, so-called "warm-to-weight ratio" is lower. This point largely offsets the other advantages of self-inflating cushions.
After fully understanding these three kinds of sleeping pads, they will be purchased and used in the future.
In conclusion, when we were camping, if my sleeping bag was lying under an ordinary moisture-proof pad, the entire sleeping bag would be completely squashed, and the air inside would be less, and its thermal insulation effect would be naturally small.
But for hexagons, silver rubbing, egg slot moisture-proof pads, after lying down, the sleeping bag will be filled in his groove, which ensures the bulkiness of the sleeping bag, achieves the effect of keeping warm, and improves its ventilation Sex.
Many people say that the egg tank moisture-proof mat easily accumulates water in the groove. This is because after our hot air is discharged, it condenses in the groove, otherwise it will be absorbed by the sleeping bag and reduce the warmth.
For inflatable sleeping mats, it is not a leisure travel, etc. It is generally not recommended to carry it. The main reason is that the self-weight is heavy, and in case of air leakage, it is easy to catch cold on the ground directly, but the main purpose of the individual must be considered specifically.
The outdoor environment is intricate, and there Zhejiang Hongfeng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. are already a lot of equipment that individuals need to carry, so many people are reluctant to carry larger moisture-proof pads. At this time, following the outdoor club can easily solve these problems for you, making the journey safer and more secure. Travel lightly~