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Different Types of Outdoor Cushions

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Many people have outdoor seating in their backyards or porches. Unlike most indoor seating, outdoor seating usually doesn't come with built-in cushions, which means you'll need to purchase outdoor cushions separately. Luckily, there are different types of each type of outdoor seating, with chair cushions being the most common, on the other hand, settees and chaise lounges often require longer cushions that are shaped and sized for the furniture they belong to , while outdoor sofas usually require several individual cushions. Patio chairs and sofas usually require outdoor cushions that are the same shape as the frame.
Patio chairs usually require an outdoor cushion of the same shape as the chair frame. Chairs come in many shapes, which means there are many kinds of cushions, with square, rectangular and round being the most common. There are also cushions that are square, with rounded backs, square instead of angular, or even trapezoidal. Some companies even allow customers to request custom chair cushions that fit their patio chairs perfectly. These cushions may have the seat part and back part sold separately for easy replacement, or they may have the two parts joined. The throw pillows can be used as outdoor cushions. When a patio is more than just a table and chairs, longer outdoors are often required. cushion. For example, some yards have a wooden or metal bench that needs a cushion for comfort. Like chair cushions, this type of cushion comes in a variety of sizes, from regular rectangles or trapezoids, to rectangles with some or all rounded corners. This type of cushion is usually only available as a unit, but cushions for the back of the bench may need to be purchased separately.
Recliner lounges usually require both head and body support. This type of cushion is usually only rectangular, but the corners can be angular or rounded. Lounge cushions and two-piece cushions that combine head and body cushioning are often available as options. Recliner lounge outdoor cushions can often also be customized. Outdoor sofas are also upholstered. These cushions are usually thicker than those suitable for benches, since most couches are designed for better cushioning. They usually have two or three upholstered cushions, depending on the size of the couch, outdoor sofa poufs usually also include cushioning for the back, although most of these poufs are not attached, they are usually sold together.