Common causes of sleeping pad damage


Common causes of sleeping pad damage If you want to hav […]

Common causes of sleeping pad damage

If you want to have a high-quality sleep when hiking and camping, a comfortable camping mats is indispensable.

Repairable case
Cut or punctured: If the inflatable sleeping pad is not careful, it is easy to be punctured by sharp objects and leaked.
The valve is broken due to improper force or material aging: because the material is plastic, it will age and crack due to long-term use. Generally, it needs to be repaired according to the situation.

irreparable situation
Edge thermal bonding aging: Humid weather and improper storage methods can affect the shelf life of thermal bonding.
Separation of the inner membrane leads to bulging: because the surface cloth is stuck with the internal foam, it is easy to lose the internal viscosity due to the humid climate and improper storage method, causing the surface cloth and the foam to separate and bulge.
Moisture and mildew: caused by humid climate and improper storage methods.

When you lie down on your sleeping pad and find yourself feeling the hard ground, it may be time to check and repair your sleeping pad, but don't worry, it's pretty simple.
【Step 1】Prepare soapy water, sponge, repair patch, scissors and Seam Grip waterproof glue.
[Step 2] Find the hole: first inflate the sleeping pad, then wipe the surface with a sponge dampened with soapy water, and you will find that the soap bubbles will become larger where there are holes.
[Step 3] Clean the hole prescription and wait for it to dry (alcohol can be used).
【Step 4】Apply a small amount of Seam Grip waterproof glue.
【Step 5】Attach the repair patch and place it for a period of time.