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Choosing Between Air and Self Inflating Sleeping Pads

Written byAdventor

Whether you're camping for a weekend or taking a longer expedition tour, the sleeping pad plays a big part in comfort. You'll need to choose a pad depending on the length of your tour and your packing style.You'll have a few options: air or foam pads. The best choice depends on your needs and your budget.Air pads are great for a short tour. They're lightweight and compact, but they can be bulky. They don't last as long as foam pads. They can also get punctures, especially in places like deserts and forests. They are also susceptible to mold and spores.

Foam pads are the best choice for expedition tours. They're cheaper and more durable. They don't require patches or glue. They're also easy to set up. They don't require footprints and don't need to be packed in a bag. They can be unrolled in a tent. It has a thermal foam layer and a reflective coating. It's available in both regular and large sizes. It weighs just over 12 ounces when packed. It also comes with a stuff sack.

Self-inflating pads are great for car camping. They're easier to pack than inflatables. They're also very comfortable. They offer a little bit of insulation, too. They're also more durable than inflatables. They're made from heavy-duty fabrics. It can fill the pad in three minutes.