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Choose the right moisture-proof pad for you

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Standard of moisture-proof pad:
The definition of warmth is: the closed room foam sleeping pad has an R value (resistance value of heat transfer) of 2 per half inch (winter load standard), and the weight is about one pound. An open room foam sleeping mat with a Nylon cover has an R value of 4 and a weight of two and one-quarter pounds for every one and a half inch. As for the price, the closed room foam sleeping pad is about one-third to one-fourth of the open room foam sleeping pad.
The insulation principle of moisture-proof pad:
Like the working principle of the stuffing in sleeping bags and clothing, moisture-proof pads also block the heat exchange between your body and the cold air outside (the ground). She isolates a layer of dead air between your body and the ground, and uses the heat of your body to gradually increase the temperature of this layer of "dead air", making it a heat exchange between your body and the ground It is a barrier to play the effect of heat preservation and moisture resistance. The effectiveness of the moisture-proof pad depends on the amount of "dead air" it can hold and its ability to prevent air convection.
Choice of moisture-proof pad:
First of all, warmth, weight, comfort, durability and size must be considered in order. Second, consider the main personal use. An outdoor enthusiast may have several moisture-proof mats that adapt to different environments. Just like buying other things, buying outdoor equipment sometimes makes you regret it, because there are so many things you need to consider, and you have a lot of requirements for everything, and in most cases, all your requirements are not May be satisfied at the same time. The same is true for choosing a moisture-proof mat. You have many considerations: insulation (the ability to isolate the body from the ground heat exchange), comfort, weight, volume and durability. It is important for you to choose from the above conditions, and consider your Outdoor plans may be very helpful to you. Finally, some subsidiary designs may influence your decision. For example, some moisture-proof pads have multiple inflatable air chambers, which makes it easier to adjust the thickness of the moisture-proof pad; multiple pads can be spliced ​​together; the moisture-proof pad with textured surface treatment can improve the insulation and anti-slip function; some are more designed A tapered moisture-proof cushion that fits the human body shape is produced to save space; the inflatable cushion can be changed into a chair through accessories; and so on.