Choose an inflatable cushion according to camping needs


Choose an inflatable cushion according to camping needs […]

Choose an inflatable cushion according to camping needs

If you are more frequent mountaineering and camping, it is more suitable to choose lightweight foam sleeping pad or thin automatic inflatable sleeping pad. But if you are general camping or family camping, you don’t need to carry sleeping pads when you drive to the camp, and you want your wife, children, relatives and friends to sleep comfortably, then use inflatable sleeping pads and thick inflatable sleeping pads as the main consideration.

Match the size of the tent

How many sleeping mats can be put in a tent (inner tent)? You must do a little trial calculation when buying a sleeping mat. The width of the sleeping mat is an important number. Then my own experience is not to grasp it just right, the width of the sleeping pad can be a little smaller than the width of the inner tent, and it is safer.

Is there a warranty?

Warranty is very important for inflatable sleeping pads! Because the inflatable sleeping pad is easy to break and I am afraid of air leakage, it is possible to find that my back is already attached to the ground when I sleep in the middle of the night, because all the air leaks...

Therefore, you must check the warranty for the inflatable sleeping pad, so if you find that it is still within the warranty period, you can go and ask it to deal with it, usually a new one. Whether the warranty is easy is also the key point. Recently, we have seen a lot of warranty disputes on air mattresses, so we also need to do some homework in this part.