Choose a safe camping location


In the wild with beautiful scenery away from the hustle […]

In the wild with beautiful scenery away from the hustle and bustle, breathing in the fresh and cool air, during the day and the child close to nature, at night lying together looking up at the stars, tell the child a fairy tale, tell a story, or just enjoy the present quietly... this Maybe that's why people choose camping.
When camping, you usually choose a mature and fixed camp site. If you need to build a camp in the wild, you must first ensure that the camp site is safe.
How to confirm whether the camp is safe? When you see a nice campsite, you should look around and look around in many ways.
For example, see if you are under a dead tree, jungle, or loose rock? If you camp in such a place, it is very likely that falling rocks will hit your tent at night.
See if you are at the top of a ridge or an open basin? These are frequent lightning strikes, and camping in the basin may also be dangerous due to heavy rainfall.
See if you are in a river bed, a canyon, or a low-lying place. These places are at risk of flash floods during the rainy season.
See if you are on the edge of a cliff, camping here may be exciting, but at night you may forget where you are and become dangerous.
See if you are in the habitat of large animals, because you certainly don't want to be raided in your sleep.
If you camp by the sea or on the beach, make sure that the camp is not affected by the high tide.
If you build a camp on a snowy mountain in winter or spring, make sure that the camp is not in the avalanche and crack area.
Once you have found a safe location, you must also consider the protection of nature.
such as,
It is not allowed to camp within 60 meters from water sources and streams;
Avoid excessive trampling on the ground and vegetation;
Stay away from areas that have already begun to be damaged;
and many more.
After choosing the location, we are about to start camping. Before that, we must divide the dining area, material area, rest area, and excrement decomposition area.
Next, enjoy your camping time. Respect the habits of wild animals when playing, do not disturb others, and remember to properly dispose of the garbage when you leave, and maintain a natural look.
This is what a qualified camper should look like.

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