Characteristics and selection methods of sleeping bags


In order to fall asleep warmly without feeling cold, yo […]

In order to fall asleep warmly without feeling cold, you cannot choose a sleeping bag that has only minimal warmth. You must choose a high-specification style that has enough warmth. Although the lightness of the equipment is very important when climbing, but it must not be careless in terms of warmth. If you just pursue light weight and cannot achieve the purpose of taking a good rest, you will lose the meaning of carrying equipment. If necessary, it can be used with cold-proof clothing to ensure sufficient warmth.
Characteristics and selection methods of sleeping bags
Characteristics of chemical fiber:
Compared with down, the cost is lower, and the biggest feature is excellent moisture resistance. In mountain forests where the equipment cannot be dried in the sun, once the down gets wet, it is likely to bring fatal danger, and even if the chemical fiber gets wet, it can restore the warmth effect by wringing it out. The characteristics of chemical fiber are more suitable for people who climb for a long time, but the disadvantage is that it is not light and bulky, and the warmth retention effect is not as good as that of down.
Expansion coefficient of down
Expansion coefficient (Fill-Power, FP for short) refers to the minimum volume of down with the same weight after natural expansion. For example, a high-quality duvet has an expansion coefficient of 650. The higher the number, the more air it can hold, the better the warmth and the lighter weight. But if you accidentally get wet, it will quickly become a ball of hair. The highest-priced product may not be the best, so consider more before buying.
Master the suitable operating temperature
Temperature is the benchmark for the style of sleeping bags. At present, the most commonly used international temperature test method is the European EN13537 test standard, which is divided into four types: MAXIMUM (maximum temperature standard), COMFORT (comfort temperature), LIMIT (limit temperature), and EXTREME (extreme low temperature). Kind of temperature scale. Please purchase according to the season of use or the temperature of the camp. If the sleeping bag may not be able to correspond to the temperature in the above-mentioned use range, it is best to bring a down jacket or coat for emergency.
New technology water resistant down
The disadvantage of down is that it becomes flat when exposed to water, and not only external rain, but also body moisture such as sweat can easily affect the quality of down. In recent years, a brand-new technology of water-resistant down has been developed. Each fiber has been water-repellent, so that when the down contains moisture, it is not easy to clump together, and it dries quickly. However, the price of such a product with perfect function is relatively high, and frequent cleaning will also lose its waterproof effect.
Have the judgment to choose sleeping bags:
If the tent, the down that is not resistant to moisture will face the fate of decreasing heat preservation effect. If you walk for a long time in the rainy season, the down will be unusable once it gets wet, which may lead to the dilemma of no sleeping bag.
Therefore, according to the combination of equipment used, climbing season and plan content, the use of chemical fiber sleeping bags can reduce the risk. No matter what kind of equipment, you should have the ability to judge the right equipment according to different situations.