A tent is a camper’s home


A tent is a camper’s home. Comfort is very important. I […]

A tent is a camper’s home. Comfort is very important. It must allow you to rest and get a good night’s sleep.

Why camp overnight? Because I can’t go to the destination I want to go back and forth in the same day, I want to stay on the top of the mountain to meet the sunrise, and other reasons. But the main reason is-through one night's rest, fully recover the strength, the next day can reach a farther place. If camping makes the body feel more tired, it loses its meaning.
In order to have a good rest, please work harder when setting up a camp! Try to choose a flat terrain, put a sleeping pad in a sleeping bag with enough warmth, and wear earplugs that can isolate the surrounding noise to create a comfortable and stable sleeping environment. However, if you pay too much attention to comfort, you will have too much luggage and will consume a lot of physical energy when walking. Everyone has a different tolerance for comfort, and you must find a balance after your own judgment.

Four elements of setting up a camp

1. If the ground is inclined, it is easier to fall asleep if you put your head on the higher side

2. Remove small rocks or branches beforehand

3. Do not place objects near the entrance

4. Put your backpack and rain gear on your feet

Before spreading the tent, arrange the ground carefully. Even small things such as rocks or branches will make you feel uncomfortable when you sleep. Please clean up as much as possible before setting up the tent to get a good night's sleep. If the ground is slightly inclined or uneven, it will also hinder the comfort of sleep, it is best to find a flat place.

Sleeping bags should first consider the effect of warmth, rather than light weight

The tent can't keep warm completely, the task of the sleeping bag is to retain the body's heat.

It’s the first time to go camping in the wild for the night, share the tips for keeping warm and teach you how to choose sleeping bags

A good sleeping bag must have the effect of ensuring continuous warmth.

The down material is the most recommended, which has good warmth retention and small storage volume.

The tent is responsible for sheltering from the wind and rain, the sleeping pad is responsible for the comfort of sleep and blocking the cold air from the ground, but these two equipment alone still cannot retain the heat around the body, and it is difficult to fall asleep because of the cold. When going to bed, the temperature inside the tent will be the same as the outside temperature, so sleeping bags play a very important role, which is to keep warm.