7 tips for lightweight camping


The following tips, based on the principle of one thing […]

The following tips, based on the principle of one thing, multiple uses, will help you to be both lightweight and improve the quality of outdoor life:

1. A transparent kettle (such as a mineral water bottle) can become a soft light under the action of a flashlight. The big barrel mineral water bottle in the supermarket has the same effect.

2. Pencil rolls can be used to roll twigs or fine wood, and the rolled wood chips can be used as a very good ignition material.

3. If you need to carry seasoning, you can put it into a plastic tube, and then seal the mouth with hot air.

4. Wrap a few rounds of tape outside the kettle, which can provide necessary repairs or other uses in the field, does not take up space at all, and can prevent the kettle from being hot with hot water.

5. Normally, our belt has no other purpose besides being fastened on the waist. In fact, we change into casual clothes when camping. The belt can be tied to the trunk to become a "hanging rod" for all kinds of tableware, which is multi-purpose.

6. The filter paper at home can be used as a coffee bag or tea bag in the wild. You only need to put the coffee or tea on the filter paper and tie it up with a piece of string.

7. The white ground cloth can be used as a projection screen. Of course, the projector (there are ultra-small portable projectors now) must be carried. Don't be too cool to enjoy action movies in the wild.