30 tips for camping


According to the editor's many years of camping experie […]

According to the editor's many years of camping experience and personal experience, the 30 experiences in this article can be said that each has its own reason. If you like camping and want to go camping, I hope you can read and remember it carefully and share it with those in need.

1. Don't bring extra things, try to reduce the quality of equipment.

2. Don't pick and eat wild fruits and vegetables that you don't know, no matter how attractive they are.

3. See more and learn more survival skills at ordinary times. For example, look at the wilderness survival of Baye, the documentary of De Ge's singles wilderness, etc., you can learn skills such as drilling wood and fire. Of course these skills are best not used in a lifetime, but you can learn them just in case.

4. Try not to set fire in the wild, especially in the forest. If you have to start a fire, please make sure to use the fire safely. After leaving, make sure there is no spark.

5. Don't camp on the waterside at will. The most dangerous watersides include, but are not limited to: valleys, streams, and rivers downstream of reservoirs. Don't camp on a hillside with sparse vegetation. There is a risk of falling rocks. Don't cross the valley in the rainy season, the torrents are coming fast, far beyond your imagination. I personally experienced that I just came from the valley, and then I couldn't go back if I wanted to go back. The water level rose by more than 50cm in almost a few minutes. Don't camp in the open area on the top of the mountain during the thunderstorm season, otherwise the tragedy of thunder will easily occur.

6. If you encounter aggressive animals, please leave far away. If you meet a cub that is to be fed, please do not pick it up at will.

7. Please maintain your demeanor, it is a thief to lead the sheep. The editor once encountered a group of donkeys who secretly dug bamboo shoots, but was caught by the villagers. They almost had physical conflict, and finally "buy" the bamboo shoots at the price of 100 per piece.

8. Carry a sharp knife with you, and do not leave your side when sleeping (if you cannot carry it during security inspection, please purchase one after you reach the destination).

9. When climbing a dangerous place such as a cliff, open the chest button of the backpack first, so that the backpack can leave the body quickly when it is critical.

10. If you encounter unstable land like swamps, please don't trample on it, following the footprints of your teammates is the safest way. If you are alone, please apply gravity to your forefoot step by step.

11. When you go to a remote place, please bring a survival whistle. Using a whistle in times of danger is much less laborious than calling for help.

12. Plant ash can quickly stop bleeding. If the wound is large and there are no other first aid tools (the donkey should carry a first aid kit with you), you can use glue (such as 502) to glue the wound. Although the glue is poisonous, it will not let you die.

13. Don't mess with people at will unless you are very familiar with and understand him.

14. When you are in danger, don't shout and waste your energy all the time, but don't be stingy with your voice. According to your physical strength, call for help every 30 minutes-120 minutes.

15. Knee pads may save your donkey career.

16. Don't drink alcohol in the wild, it is fatal.

17. After the field is convenient, please bury your feces, this is not just to prevent odor and flies.

18. When entering or leaving the tent, be sure to close the tent in the tent to prevent the entry of mosquitoes.

19. If you feel unwell, immediately stop any activities. The result of the strong support may not wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

20. Don't challenge the outline, don't be afraid of 10,000, just be afraid.

21. For the first camping, if you do n’t adapt to the environment and ca n’t fall asleep, it ’s better to watch the starry sky than to lie in the tent and toss and turn.

22. Respect the local people's suggestions, even Beiye must learn from the indigenous people.

23. People always have all kinds of inferior roots, and sometimes it will be better to meet each other.

24. Low-key. Always keep a low profile. Fighting hard will make the consequences worse.

25. Don't trust strangers easily, ask more comprehensive answers and make judgments.

26. If you travel alone, please tell your friends about the itinerary, try to be as detailed as possible, what time and where to do things.

27. You must first protect yourself to help others.

28. When passing the lush grass in summer, remember the idiom "playing grass and startling snakes".

29. Please complete the construction of the camp before dark.

30. When traveling alone, if a stranger asks if you are alone, tell him that your friend is not far away.