• Do you know moisture-proof pad

    Do you know moisture-proof pad

    Foam moisture-proof pad In the environment of extreme climbing, foam cushions are the mainstream. You can see that all climbers' backpack photos are almost tied with a yellow egg trough or silver roll. There is no need to worry about air leakage, no need to blow, just throw it on the ground. The foa... Read More

    09-06-2020 News
  • What is essential camping gear?

    What is essential camping gear?

    Depending on your level of minimalism there could be lots of answers here. My main concern is that I can sleep comfortably so you want a sleeping system that is both comfortable and warm. When I'm not backpacking I use a very good quality camping cot, a foam pad, and two cheap synthetic fill sleepin... Read More

    02-06-2020 News
  • How should we choose sleeping mats?

    How should we choose sleeping mats?

    When you first go outdoors and buy equipment, you are often stumped by a group of people. When it comes to outdoor, the most important equipment, people often overlook one thing, which is the moisture-proof sleeping mat. "It's not cold, can I bring a thick sleeping bag, don't you need a sleeping mat... Read More

    27-05-2020 News
  • 30 tips for camping

    30 tips for camping

    According to the editor's many years of camping experience and personal experience, the 30 experiences in this article can be said that each has its own reason. If you like camping and want to go camping, I hope you can read and remember it carefully and share it with those in need. 1. Don't bring e... Read More

    19-05-2020 News
  • Seven safety tips for outdoor camping

    Seven safety tips for outdoor camping

    Outdoor camping can not only let people enjoy nature, but also connect with family and friends. However, security matters still need to be focused on. The negative consequences of neglecting safety often ruin an outdoor event that should have been a good time. Therefore, the inspection of safety has... Read More

    13-05-2020 News